Stone Backsplashes For Kitchens

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When looking for a backsplash that will add a signature look to your kitchen, it's easy to feel a little—or a lot—overwhelmed with all the possibilities. Luckily, you can't go wrong with a stone backsplash. An updated kitchen will increase your property's value, and nothing will offer a higher return on investment than a natural stone.

The neutral, universal look of stone is here to stay, and there's a style, color, and type of stone for any kitchen space. Here are three ideas to get your creative juices flowing as you design your new backsplash. Natural Quartzite. Quartzite is quickly becoming the stone of choice for many homeowners and designers alike. It gives any home a luxurious look. It's very long-lasting, and its movement looks fantastic when paired with stainless steel.

Combine it with a quartzite countertop to give your kitchen a unique, high-end look. The matching countertop adds a cohesive look and feel to the equation. Marble has a distinctive yet timeless look.

It works well in both traditional and contemporary kitchen styles, and comes in subtle neutral shades of gray and beige.

Contemporary Kitchen with Stone Backsplash and Soft Color Scheme

It's long been a favorite for any type kitchen but is also a top choice if you are seeking a more elegant or sleek style.

Choices in marble are more extensive than ever before, including seamless slabs, traditional tile sizes, unique shapes - like arabesque & baroque - and mixed material mosaics. Travertine is a traditional material but can still hold its own in a more contemporary kitchen as well.

It's elegant and there are many options available for travertine stone backsplashes.

Stone Veneer Backsplash

One advantage of travertine is that you can create an almost seamless transition from your backsplash to your countertop. Although combining two honed stone materials is a good design tactic, it's also fine to mix honed and polished materials to create an interesting visual.

For instance, consider going with a rich honed mosaic. Browse Natural stone. For all of human history, natural stone has been the pinnacle of style and luxury. See Chip Wade's ideas for seamless bathroom & kitchen backsplashes.

DARING KITCHEN BACKSPLASHES. From bold to neutral, Chip Wade offers suggestions for your kitchen backsplash. 4 Cool slab Backsplashes . Consider seamless slab for a gorgeous backsplash that's easy to clean and maintain.

Gray and White Cabinetry with Red Brick Backsplash and Metal Range Hood

ID# 124502 | – Credit | © Carriage Lane Design-Build Inc. The vibrant blue color of the kitchen island instantly draws attention and elevates this transitional kitchen.

Gray kitchen cabinets and stone backsplash offer a sleek backdrop and create a cohesive look while stainless steel appliances add a modern appeal. The light wood flooring complements the color of the backsplash.

ID# 124524 | – Credit | © Élysée. Different earthy elements beautifully come together in this modern rustic kitchen and offer a welcoming space.

Industrial Kitchen with Black Granite Backsplash and Countertops

The stone backsplash stands out between the timber frames and creates a characteristic backdrop while light wood perimeter cabinets create a modern look with their flat-panel door styles and white countertop. For the kitchen island, a marble countertop is fitted with wooden legs.

This interesting combination provides a unique design. There are plenty of reasons that homeowners and interior designers are drawn to the stone backsplash.

The biggest advantage of a stone backsplash is its striking and beautiful appeal.Granite, slate, limestone, marble, river rock, and more.

How to clean stone backsplash?

Stone backsplashes come in a wide range of material options that you can choose one of them according to your taste and the style of your kitchen. You can install a marble backsplash to make a luxurious touch or use a brick backsplash to bring a rustic appeal.

Wooden Flat-panel Cabinets with Marble Backsplash and Metallic Accents

Whatever your choice is, these backsplashes will be a fail-safe addition to your kitchen.

Besides its visual impact, stone backsplashes also provide durability that makes it a perfect material as a backsplash. And with the right approach, you can maintain their striking beauty over the years.

So, if you are looking for some organic appeal, you might consider installing a stone backsplash. Take a peek at these best backsplash options to create your dream kitchen!

ID# 124501 | – Credit | © Kitchens by Eileen. This kitchen shows the timeless beauty of transitional elegance. White shaker cabinets create a clean and fresh backdrop while gray stone backsplash adds a nice texture without overwhelming.

White Furniture-like Cabinetry with Rubbed Oil Bronze Hardware

Also, the gray color of the backsplash provides a smooth transition between the white cabinets and the black kitchen island. Black and white counter chairs, metallic hardware, and glass pendant lights perfectly complete the overall look of the design. ID# 124503 | – Credit | © Clifton Interiors Ltd.

Transitional Kitchen with White Cabinets and Dark Wood Floor

This farmhouse kitchen offers a sleek yet effective look! The dark wood cabinets create a modern look with their sharp edges and flat-panel door styles while the stainless steel countertop completes this modern appeal.

The exposed stone wall provides an eye-catching backdrop and contrasts with the flat surface of the cabinets with its rough texture. A glass panel is placed behind to stove to protect the stone against heat damage.

Dark Wood Cabinetry with Glass and Stone Kitchen Backsplash

Black oversized pendant lights enhance the modernity. You might decide the style of your backsplash, but the material choice is also a very important point that you need to consider. From luxurious marbles to rustic bricks, stone backsplashes come in a wide range of material options. Also, you can combine different materials like glass or stainless steel with stone to create a more distinctive focal point.

White Flat-panel Cabinets with Black Island and Gray Stone Backsplash

Scroll down and find more about the stone materials and the right choice of your kitchen. Natural stone backsplash offers a timeless beauty that will lend a unique appeal to kitchens. When it comes to the natural stone backsplash, there are unlimited design options and materials. The most popular natural stone materials are granite, marble, slate, travertine, limestone, soapstone, and onyx.

Dark wood Cabinets with Exposed Stone Wall and Black Pendant Lights

Marble, soapstone, and onyx backsplashes are a little pricer than the other materials but this investment never fails you down. If you are on a budget, travertine or limestone might be perfect for you. ID# 124504 | – Credit | © Bedford Farm House. In this farmhouse kitchen bright whites perfectly blend with the rough texture of the stone.

How to install a stone backsplash?

The exposed stone walls make a rustic twist against the crisp white cabinets and ceiling while the wooden floor complements the stone with its natural look. Also, stone walls elevate the overall look of the kitchen and add a bunch of character. ID# 124505 | – Credit | © Студия дизайна Ольги Шарлай.

Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets with Black Pebble Stone Backsplash

The combination of black, white, and pink offers an elegant and one-of-a-kind contemporary kitchen design. The pastel pink color of the cabinets softens the sharp contrast between the black and white and cabinets give a sleek modern look with their flat-panel door style.

The white marble backsplash creates a sleek backdrop while the black marble countertop nicely contrasts with the backsplash to elevate the design.

Does stone make a good backsplash?

ID# 124506 | – Credit | © Retreat Design. The elegance of the black surrounds this contemporary kitchen and creates a sophisticated look. The black flat-panel kitchen cabinets offer a sleek modern look while marble accents like backsplash and countertops add a sense of luxury.

The light gray perimeter countertop contrasts with the blacks and brings a fresh look.