Stone Cladding Exterior House Designs

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Exterior of the house is as important as the interior design of you home. A stylish brick and stone cladding from Deco Stones will make you proudly say to your friends and family: This is my beautiful house.

As we are approaching Spring and Summer, and hopefully a better weather, we are now taking bookings for external stone cladding projects. For a FREE wall cladding products & fitting services quote simply send us a message, or contact us at:✉ [email protected] or call us on☎ 021-4876963.

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Rock For House Exterior

[button text=”CONTACT US” style=”secondary” size=”large” link=”/contact-us/”]. [/text_box] [/ux_banner]. Deco Stones – Cultured Stone collection not only decorates internal walls but can also be used for external walls, like house fronts, extensions, porches, garden walls and any other similar surfaces.

Garden Wall Cladding

To help you make up your mind on what products would suit your garden wall or the exterior of the house, we have prepared an External Cladding Gallery Ideas gallery. Want to see how the decorative facade in stone should look like – see the best photos with us! Whether it is decorative or artificial, you will see what a magnificent facing of private houses and buildings with a decorative stone can be.

Stone Facing On House

Decorative, artificial stone – in the design of the decorative facade of your house adds elegance, beauty, grandeur and comfort to the architecture. Facing stone can be used in many directions in the design, including the entire façade made of stone, one of the walls of stone, or the fragmentary inclusion of the facing stone in the overall design of the facade.

3 Reasons to Choose Stone Facade for Houses Exterior

The design of the decorative facade of the house can be completed, but you want to create a rustic or modern look, and also combine a facing stone – tile with various materials, including glass, iron and wood. On this page of our site, we present 33+ facade solutions with facing tiles – stones that you can apply to your dream home.

External House Stone Cladding

Adding a non-high layer of facing stone on the base of your home will not only add life to the design, but also calm and tranquility. This stone ornamental facade is very modern with its turquoise blue entrance. This is a great moment of modernity in design. This option of using facing stone gives the facade of your home a homely and, at the same time, rustic look.


Instead of facing the entire facade with clinker tiles, the designer placed decorative stones in the most conspicuous part of the house, which is the wall in front of the car parking. The contrast between the white and dark tones of the stones adds architecture and modernity to the decorative facade.

Imitation Stone Siding

Along with stone trimming, this house also has a glass facade, and the contrasting brightness of its walls makes the house look very good. The mixture of stone and glass in the design of the decorative facade adds a rustic touch to this modern home. The designer of the facade added decorative stone tiles in vertical volume and glass in small areas of the house.

Stone Wall House Exterior

A strip of black natural stone gives this modern home a very elegant look. Using a natural form of natural stone cladding, the architect perfectly coped with the European rustic design of the decorative facade of the house. Adding accents to the stone facade perfectly complements the high ceilings of mahogany.

8+ Creative Outside Wall Covering Ideas with Natural Materials

Using a stone for the lower level and glass for the upper, the architect created a perfectly balanced relationship between these two elements. The decorative facade of stone and wood combines the best design solutions of a village house. To achieve a modern look, the architect used large stones in an integrated multi-block facade.

Barn House Metal and Stone Project – 5 Modern Features

This typical Spanish architecture is as homely and warm as the facade of a stone house can provide. The architect has built a stone into the design of the garage, so you enter the house with a great impression. This country house is completely made of stones and decorated with beautiful wooden columns. Instead of making a stone decorative facade, this homeowner decided to build a stone wall.

Stacked Stone Exterior House

Another stone house is ideal for living in cold winters. The use of stone, glass and soothing colors gave the house a natural look. Rustic cottage with a stone decorative facade and a beautiful garden looks just like from a fairy tale.

Real Stone Siding

With different materials used for two levels, this beach house is very modern and chic. Several materials are used to give the house a modern look. This house has only a square fragment of a stone facade to give a modern touch. A stone wall complements the landscaping to create this modern decorative facade.

Frame Stone House – Harmony with Nature

This house has a stone facade that evenly divides the lighter facades of a two-story house. A car on the background of a decorative stone facade is a great addition to this beautiful home. The stones are concentrated in the doorway of the house, which makes it magnificent.

Colorful Modern Stone Cottage

Stones distinguish a part of the facade that affects the overall design of the decorative facade finish in a very non-intrusive way. The horizontal stone pattern separates the two parts of the house. This modern forest house, designed by Dutch architects, is located in Sost, the Netherlands.

Stone Exterior House Designs

The mansion has a stunning finish with artificial stone, which blends perfectly with the surrounding nature. The unusual house is decorated with artificial stone with wooden details framing the huge expanses of glass, giving a view of the street in each room. The natural design of the house has a strong connection with the external environment also through sliding glass doors that open to the garden.

Stone Bricks Design

In addition to the exterior of the decorative facade with stone inside, the floors of natural stone and simple elements bring a chic look to the space. An open house concept plan connects the living space of the house and floods every corner and crack with natural light. Stretching from the basement to the upper floor, an open void encased in windows unites three living spaces, while maintaining their connection with the street.

Stone cladding: Stone wall along the stairs

A secluded place on the edge of the forest – what could be more tempting for a quiet and relaxing holiday. You will rarely see a photo of such a plating decorative stone. Thanks to the huge sliding windows on the first floor you will achieve complete unity with the environment.

External Stone Cladding

The concrete platform in front of the kitchen area allows you to place any objects that match your desires. Wooden sliding window protection perfectly combines with decorative stone trim. Photos of such fragments of the house are great. Concrete wall – another contrasting element of the decorative facade.

Stone Exterior Homes

Divided by lines into sections – it gives massiveness to the main entrance to the house and to the entrance to the garage, as well as to the balcony. Once again, we are convinced that the combination of stone trimming with fragments of wood veneer is an ideal natural composition, the price of which cannot be great.

Stone cladding: Stone wall in bedroom

Concrete brings a human hand to this natural environment. Huge glazed spaces give an excellent presence effect both indoors and out. At your request, you can fully open to nature or create a cozy, confidential space with the help of window blinds and curtains. The uneven landscape, direct forms with the use of natural materials, the stunning closeness of nature – all this creates an indescribable atmosphere of living space – a space in which I want to be constantly.

Exterior Wall Stone

Spacious, multi-level beautiful greystone house on a cliff with maximum integration into the landscape. Luxurious view house with three levels is built on a rocky hill covered with picturesque vegetation with oaks and pines. The architecture of the building is maximally adapted to the landscape, repeats the shape of the rocks and is harmoniously built into them.

Stone cladding tiles for corners

A beautiful grey stone house attached to the rock formations. It is thought out in such a way as to preserve not only the shape of the area, but also the vegetation on it. The architects tried not to disturb the harmony and serenity of the landscape, interfering with it as little as possible.

Modern Wood & Stone House Exterior

As a result, a complex of living spaces was built here, located at different levels and dynamically fitting into the area. The building appears to be built into the rock. For the outer walls, natural stone was used, which matches the rock formations in color and texture. The beautiful grey stone house is designed on three terraces, on different levels.

Stone Facing For Walls

Each part of the building has its own orientation, views. The plot with the house dynamically repeats the forms and transitions created by nature. Instead of a traditional roof, we get exploitable surfaces with stones, trees, shrubs.

Stone cladding cost in India

Stony cliffs practically penetrate the interior. Inside, the housing is also finished with natural materials characteristic of this area. Stone floors and walls look harmonious and natural surrounded by rocky landscapes. All these techniques made it possible to introduce the house into the environment as naturally as possible, while preserving the virgin beauty of the natural landscape.

Natural Stone Cladding Homes with Modern Rural Interiors

The living volumes themselves are a cascade of spaces behind large panoramic windows. When designing the house, it was planned to make housing as close as possible to the picturesque landscape, to create direct contact with it. To achieve the desired effect, large panoramic windows were used in the building not only towards sea views, but also inside the area formed by rock formations.

Stone Facade For Houses Exterior

Due to the close visual contact, the rocks become a tool for creating an atmosphere of coziness, reliability, comfort and safety in the house. Vegetation is also located in close proximity to the living spaces. The object consists of several levels with dynamic transitions.

Stone cladding: Stone wall in the dining room

Each of them interacts with the environment in its own way. The lower floor is considered the most private, but at the same time, it is from here that access is made to the main terrace with a swimming pool and a panorama to the sea.

33+ Modern Stone & Wood House Ideas

The middle level is designed with views and exits in both directions – to the courtyard and to the scenic landscapes. Social areas are designed on the top floor. Here is the entrance. To connect the levels of a beautiful grey stone house, stairs are made in the rocks, which seem to cut through the rock.

Decorative Stone Siding

They are lined up between rocky formations and are closely integrated into the landscape. Traditional Alpine architecture is strength, reliability, homely warmth and comfort in the midst of harsh mountain conditions. A beautiful Small stone chalet with an incredibly majestic view built on the basis of a small old hut.

Rock Veneer Exterior

Most modern solutions cannot compete with real stone in terms of reliability and durability, so it was decided to restore the existing building for the object.