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Our range of exterior Stone Effect Cladding offers a wider selection of decorative finishes providing a more visionary approach to the appearance of external walls. Metalline is at the forefront of aluminium rainscreen cladding and insulated panel production in the UK.

Our products are engineered specifically for architectural fabrication. The stone effect is achieved by using a Polyester Powder Coated finish, which imitates the appearance and textures of natural stone.

The PPC finish can be applied to a variety of our CWCT certified Unity rainscreen cladding panels and fire test rated Ultima aluminium insulated panels.

Our polyester powder coating range includes a wide selection of interesting colours and textures as well as natural stone effect, including plain oxide, tile, soft, corten and crystal patina.

The benefits of aluminium:

Metalline are the first to use this innovative stone effect cladding on their range of Unity rainscreen cladding panels, which featured on their recent Canary Wharf Residential project.

The external façade when completed will feature over 3000 panels, both flat and curved in stone white and include fittings and bracketry for a unitized system. This ability to mirror a natural finish on aluminium Unity rainscreen panels has led to a number of interesting approaches from developers looking to enhance the external envelope of their project.

Read more about the Canary Wharf Residential project here. Our cladding enables architects and designers to enhance the look and feel of new builds and refurbishment projects. Stone effect cladding is a process that can replicate existing colours and textures, which can match the styles the surrounding architecture.

To the naked eye, the finish of the stone effect cladding resembles a perfect substitute for natural stone cladding panels. It also offers a range of cost saving benefits, which are due to the reduced costs in labour, transportation, cutting and the amount of stone required. As well as being cost efficient, there are many other benefits to using aluminium over natural stone, such as:.

Increased strength and stability.

What Types of Stone Cladding are Available?

Ease of Installation. Design Flexibility.

  • Architects and contractors have specified our products for a variety of projects.
  • This is because we deliver top quality products with the highest level of service.

Our gallery showcases many of products and projects that we have worked on over the years. For more information on Exterior Stone Effect Cladding or any other of our finishes, then please contact us today on [email protected] or 01543 456 930.

Our Classic Collection stone effect coverings are made using different types of stone so that the panels look exactly like stone wall finishes. They are suitable for all kinds of spaces from cottages to apartments, country houses to offices or restaurants.

Our stone wall cladding reflects a serene environment. The decorative stone effect wall coverings have a wide variety of stones and colours, ranging from white stone effect, through various shades of grey to black and also brown and beige tones so you can personalize your space.

Another design advantage is the variety of shapes and sizes of ultra-realistic stone effects available: long, thin stones, larger square stones or irregular stones.

All you need is a dash of imagination and you can create a stunning design whether for a tranquil rustic retreat or a contemporary business or urban environment.

What Types of Stone can be Used for Cladding?

Stone cladding is available in a number of types of stone, but the most common are:

  • Granite
  • Sandstone
  • Limestone
  • Slate
  • Marble
  • Quartz

Knapped flint is also often used for cladding, but is less likely to be found in a cladding system. Using flint as a cladding is more of a specialist skill in comparison to the simpler nature of installing a stone cladding system.

How Easy is Stone Cladding to Maintain?

Stone cladding requires very little maintenance. Sealing isn't a necessity, however, it will offer extra protection and make cleaning easier if areas do become dirty.
Consider sealing in high traffic areas or when used in water features.

"When cleaning stone cladding do not use hydrochloric acid as it can cause minerals present in the stone to react," warns LBS' Lorraine.

Stone cladding is very durable, and will last a long time, depending largely on the construction system it's installed on. "We offer a 25-year system warranty for solid brick, stone, or concrete construction and a 15-year warranty using timber Quoin frame construction," says Peter from Wild-Stone.

Is Stone Cladding Expensive?

Stone cladding is one of the more expensive cladding options for your build, however, it's far cheaper than building with traditional stonework.

While stone cladding can cost from as little as £40-£70/m2 on its own, your choice of panel or individual slip will affect the final cost, including installation. Expect to pay from £100/m2 for stone cladding panels and up to £150/m2 for individual stone slips, both installed.