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Add an architectural element to your outdoor area that both complements and highlights your soft landscaping (planting) with our range of exterior natural stone wall cladding.

The rugged, solid look of this unique cladding perfectly complements the cleaner architectural look of our Granite and Bluestone paving range.We consulted with leading landscape industry designers and contractors to develop and deliver a natural stone cladding range suited to both contemporary and traditional landscapes in Sydney, Melbourne and throughout Australia. Our DryStone and LedgeStone ranges are available in various tones and textures that allow easy blending with other landscaping materials. Stone Hub’s premium exterior natural stone wall cladding range is available at affordable prices, and includes:.

DryStone – available in Hotham, Otway, Kingscliff & Newport. LedgeStone – available in Hotham, Otway, Kakadu, Baw Baw & Thredbo. Capping – available in all colours and helping to achieve the closest look to true freestanding dry stone walling. Stone Hub’s DryStone – the stone is hand split on the surface and sides, but sawn on the bottom surface to allow easy application with a suitable adhesive to the substrate.Our LedgeStone is a quality stone product that offers the aesthetic look of individual pieces as per our select range of DryStone cladding, but as interlocking z-tile panels.

This allows us to achieve a very close match in appearance to true freestanding dry stone walling as built by an experienced stonemason, with the added benefit of quick and easy installation.

Stone Hub supplies premium natural stone cladding in Sydney and Australia wide at affordable prices.

Cladding or Facing as it is sometimes called, is a simple way of decorating walls. Bellstone Specialises in natural Stone wall cladding with many cost effective options depending on whether an architectural look or a natural stone wall look is required. We offer sandstone, bluestone, slate and quartzite wall cladding.

Feel free to call us to discuss your project - the options are limitless!

our team of stone masons are able to supply any product or pattern by special order within a 12 week time frame. The simplest and cheapest form of cladding for walls are plain tiles 12-20mm in thickness with no intricate borders or patterns.

Alternatively, there are a number of specialised cladding options available which are more decorative, although these tend to cost a little more because they are more difficult to make.

Any cladding project needs to add a "wow" factor to a wall but be practical & cost effective as well.

The colour must fit harmoniously with the setting. Stone with high density and low water absorption properties have a natural advantage as they are less likely to discolour with time. Light colours look stunning but unless they have natural resilience to staining they will need to be sealed or be regularly hosed off with high pressure hoses. Darker colours offer lower maintenance as they don't show the dirt.

Culprits include diesel fumes (near the CBD), drainage water from garden or gutters that carry leaves or other botanical components. There may also be little intrusions from local fauna as well eg insects, birds etc. Stacked stone is fast becoming the most popular way to rejuvenate a tired-looking façade, fireplace or fountain.

It’s also an excellent way to create a stand out feature wall that offers both a visual and textural effect.Our natural stone cladding will instantly improve the appearance of your property.

Sandstone, Quartzite & Slate wall Cladding to suit ANY BUDGET

All our products are completely natural and will transcend time without fading or damage.Stone and Rock offer a competitive variety of popular cladding options at unbeatable prices, starting at just $50 per m2.Currently, we are offering 4 style options for cladding.Traditional Stacked Stone - This option uses natural stone quartzite or marble cut into stripes.

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Each tile is manufactured with a heavy-duty adhesive. This style is by far the most popular and comes as interlocking or Z style cut design to reduce visible grout lines.English Montage - The montage style applies randomly cut stone in an asymmetrical design.



This style is also interlocking and easily cut with a wet grinder for corners and pillars.Ledgestone - Thirdly, there is “cement backed stack stone” (some call this “ledgestone”). It is thicker and heavier than the traditional stack stone BUT lighter than our competitors. We have created a strong mesh cement backing, reducing cement and increasing aesthetics. Mushroom Cladding - Natural stones cut into bigger individual pieces of 200 x 100mm, glued as 4 pieces creating a panel 400 x 200 x 15 mm.

With chiselled edge surfaces or split face finishes highlighting the beauty of the stones.

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These products are a great way of imitating the old brick look popular with Australians. Any questions please call us now on 1300 113 260. It is undeniable that stone walls are majestic and impressive structures, but they are also time-consuming and expensive to build.

As such, wall cladding is one of the best bang-for-your-buck stone décor additions and substitutes for your residential or commercial property.