Stone Paneling For Interior Walls

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The most important consideration for an interior stone veneer project is making sure the wall itself is suitable for installation.

Norstone's Stacked Stone Rock Panels weigh about 12.5 lbs / sq ft, which is pretty light when you think about the end product, but still most drywall or sheetrock wall substrates just aren't unsuitable for an interior rock wall installation.

This isn't because they aren't strong enough, it's because drywall is essnetially gypsum and paper - and when you think about it that way, it's not something on which you'd naturally want to apply natural stone.
That said, this is easily remedied by installing cement board over the existing wallboard and then you can begin installing the interior stone veneer over the freshly prepared substrate.

DIY Stone Wall Interior

Stone veneer interior walls have never been this easy. In the past, they would require all sorts of special treatments and about a month on a mason's calendar. For more details on how to install stone veneer panels on interior walls check out our installation instructions. Norstone’s Installation Page. The short and simple answer is yes! Installing stone on interior walls is more challenging than simplying painting or wall papering the space, but for the amount of change being produced the relative effort is worth it.

The most important consideration when evaluating a stone product to be installed on an interior application is how much the stone weighs per square foot. If the product is under 15 pounds per square foot, which all Surface Shop stone products are, it can be installed using setting materials / adhesives and does not need to be mechanically fastened to the wall. The second consideration for an interior stone wall is making sure the substrate the stone is being applied to is cementious, which for most interior applications means cement board.

Add stone veneer to your interior wall

Drywall or sheetrock walls are not suitable for most stone products but can be easily overlaid with cement board to create a proper substrate to bond to. An interior stone wall project might look like an intimidating undertaking, complete with demo, reinforcing, and lots of other construction work, but for most Surface Shops products the installation process is simplified with our light weight products and easy to install patterns and systems. Do it yourself interior stone veneer accent wall installation. Watch how USTONE Adhesive makes quick work of installing stone veneer on an interior accent wall installation project.

You’ll get tips on how to begin your interior stone wall installation. Start with collecting all of the basic tools you’ll need to start your stone wall interior installation. Some of the items you’ll need is a level, grinder, drill, tape measure, screws, hammer, a caulking gun and safety glasses.

Just load up your caulking gun with USTONE stone veneer instant grab adhesive and install your interior stone veneer. Prepare your work area and protect your flooring. Start your interior stone wall installation with a clean surface and install concrete board, print side out, to your wall securing it to the joists with screws. This accent wall will be covered with Quartzite Ledge Oyster Shell panels creating a beautiful accent wall of stone in any space. Start at the bottom and work your way up the wall applying the USTONE stone veneer adhesive to the back of your stone veneer.

This installation does not require the use of any corners or you would begin with the corner first. Lay out your first row and use shims at the floor where needed. Use your level to keep the top of the panel straight for your stone wall interior installation to continue to remain level.

Mark your cuts and make sure to cut all stone outdoors using a wet saw or grinder. Remember to wear your safety glasses. Don’t throw away any of your cut pieces as they may come in handy to use as filler pieces on the ends of your stone wall interior installation.

Once you’re finished and your workspace is clean, sit back and relax and enjoy your new DIY stone wall interior project installed with USTONE Adhesive.

For more information about UStone Adhesive and where you can purchase this DIY stone veneer masonry adhesive visit

Surface Shop Stone Veneer Wall Panel Systems come with a range of accessories including outside corner units. Corner Units will vary in design based on the product they complement, ranging from interlocking finger jointed corners to dual end overlapping corners. Learn more about what accessories are available by selecting a product and reviewing the product details.

With very few exceptions, Surface Shop Stone Veneer Wall Panels can be installed in both interior and exterior projects, including in climates subject to freeze/ thaw cycles, as well as in applications that are in or around water such as pools and fountains.

Dream big with the Surface Shop line of Stacked Stone Wall Panels. We’ve got tons of colors, styles, and price points to offer, and inside you’ll see an extensive library of past projects to help you find that exact right product to fit your design. Go forth, enjoy, and contact a Surface Shop Pro for samples, pricing, and availability for your project.

Below is a hand-picked short list of Stacked Stone Panels that the Surface Shop Team sells most often nationwide. These panels have a particular color or price point that makes them especially attractive and useful across a multitude of regions and project styles.

Stone wall interior installation

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