Stone Panels For Exterior Walls

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As the natural and textured home trends continue to rise, many building pros and homeowners alike are gravitating more toward exterior stone veneer siding. Not only is stone veneer more durable and water impermeable than wood siding, it also adds character and texture to a home.

For a range of applications, exterior stone veneer provides a multitude of options that will complement virtually any home style and boost curb appeal. While adding stone siding to the exterior of a home use to cost a small fortune due to the labor-intensive work that came with masonry and heavy natural stone transportation, there are now more options on the market than ever that are budget-friendly.

Stone veneer siding is growing rapidly in popularity since its lightweight nature and easy-to-install systems are cutting installation time down immensely. Plus, there isn’t a need for specialized labor skills when installing mortarless stone veneer.

With a wide range of color, shape and pattern options, stone veneer is becoming more and more commonly found on the exterior of the home for siding, columns, accent walls, fire pits and fireplaces.

Engineered For Outside. Right At Home Inside.

The texture and color blending capabilities of stone veneer products on the market now allow them to seamlessly elevate the natural elements of a home and outdoor living space. Primarily cementitious, traditional stone veneer siding is most comparable to the installation of natural stone siding.


Similar to the natural stone, traditional stone veneer relies on a chemical bond and requires WRB, an added weather layer, lath, scratch coat, mortar and sometimes grade beams or lentil to carry the weight of the heavy stone. Although, traditional stone veneer does slightly vary from natural stone siding in that it is more modular, and it doesn’t have to be worked as much to fit the right size. This style will require more skilled labor and due to its need for mortar, the installation time will take considerably longer than some other stone veneer alternatives.

Advantages of Stone Veneer Siding

Offered in two overarching categories, mortarless easy-to-install stone veneer comes in both panelized systems and individualized systems. With a panelized system, there are two types, including cementitious-based and thermo-formed or polyurethane-based. Panelized systems typically connect through the use of an attachment flange and can have a spacer or built-in rainscreen.

It is common that you are required to hit structural studs during install, which can prove challenging. While stone veneer panels for exterior purposes are great for covering large amounts of square footage at a time, they are not as workable and have proven to be more difficult when it comes to hiding exposed cuts and cutting the product around obstructions or construction details.

Another thing to take into consideration with panelized systems, is that once someone can see the pattern of the panels, this style may appear more fake or repetitious compared to traditional stone veneer or individualized systems.

Stone Siding That Looks Like The Real Thing

With individualized systems, there are two primary types: composites and concrete. These systems install with either finish nails or screws and normally don’t require hitting studs. Composite individualized systems have amazing workability and are easy to cheat if something gets out of level. Concrete individual stone can prove to be tricky, as it requires a connection bracket for screws and has limitations in workability because it’s concrete. Plus, if you have a solid, color-throughout stone veneer in individualized systems, you’ll be able to hide high visibility cuts and reuse scrap pieces that would ordinarily just be wasted material in other alternatives.

Natural Stacked Stone Ledger Panels

While panelized systems cover more square footage, the workability of individualized systems end up evening out time spent while installing. Not to mention, most do not require specialty training like a masonry crew, which is normally required for traditional stone veneer installation. While there is a myriad of exterior stone veneer styles out there, which vary greatly with color, style and texture, the two overarching styles that you’ll want to be sure to choose from revolves around whether you’d like to have mortar joints (exposed grout) or a dry-stack look (tightly fitted).

Less Labor, More Love.

Dry-stacking is a technique where stones are stacked on top of each other for a more seamless look and feel instead of being separated with mortar. As implied by the name, dry-stacked stones are installed without the use of mortar in-between the stones or panels.

This laying technique can be more labor intensive with heavy or natural stone, but with material like Evolve Stone, it can install up to 10X faster with a finish nailer and finish nails. To fit stones together, this technique relies on mortar joints between the stones.

Lightweight Panels Make Quick Work Of Installation

This has a big impact on a home’s aesthetics and can be done in a couple of different ways. Depending on the desired look, mortar joints can be dry-laid, feature standard grout joints or face over joints (which gives a wider joint).

Generally, Type N or Type S mortars are the most common for installing stone veneer. It’s important to note that grout can be incredibly difficult to work with and extends the overall time and complexity of installation.

Exterior Stone Veneer Siding Options

No matter the style chosen, exterior faux stone siding offers a wide range of options and benefits in comparison to natural stone siding. As a mortarless, color-throughout stone veneer in an individualized system, Evolve Stone offers even more advantages than other alternatives on the market—nailing it on all fronts. For detailed information on faux stone siding installation, visit our installation guide blog. Painting exterior stone veneer depends on the manufacturer and their recommendation.

Built To Look Great In Record Time

In most cases, especially if the stone veneer you’re using is cementitious, it is ill-advised to do so. In the case of painting Evolve Stone product, we recommend that you have a professional recommend the proper primer and paint for the application. Yes, just about any exterior stone veneer can be installed on house columns.

Exterior Stone Veneer Styles

Although, it would be extremely difficult to try to do so with a panelized system on smaller columns, as they do not offer the best workability. Evolve Stone can be installed on any column, but we recommend not doing so if your column is less than 18” wide. If you do not have a choice and the column must remain small, we recommend our style with the smallest stones, District View.

Save Time. Save Cost. Love Your Project. Experience Stacked Stone Rock Panels.

For most stone veneers, the best way to clean is with regular soap and water. Power-washing is not recommended with most systems, as it could hurt the substrate, not necessarily the stone itself. If you have natural stone or grout joints, power-washing could cause something to come loose.

Frequently Asked Questions

With Evolve Stone, you can power-wash the product itself but don’t recommend because of potential damage to the WRB and rainscreen behind the stones. Streamline the installation of any natural stacked stone wall or project using our innovative stone veneer panels.

15. Texture Contrast

Stacked Stone Has Never Been Easier. Silva Splitface Stacked Stone Rock Panels | Miami, FL. White Quartz Stacked Stone Rock Panels | Sarasota, FL.

5. Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace

Surface Shop Stacked Stone Wall Panels come in a variety of different finishes, colors, thicknesses and panel formats. The one thing these 3D wall panels have in common is that they are all made from natural stone, which means you are not compromising the authentic look, feel and durability that only a natural stone product can provide.

1) Dry-Stacked

Whether it’s the subtle sparkle of our White Rock Panel or the beautiful veining of Silva Limestone, these natural stone products are distinctly unique and offer a look that simply cannot be replicated with manmade materials, making them excellent choices for accent walls, retaining walls, and more.

29. Architectural Detail

What makes Surface Shop’s stacked stone wall panel collection unique is that all of our stone panels are designed by a licensed professional designer with the goal of creating an aesthetically pleasing product, not just simply gluing loose stone together into a panel.

6. Exterior Dining Area

We sweat the details like what size the individual stones should be, where the different stone sizes are placed within the panel, and what the thicknesses should be to create great looking finished projects. The panels are then crafted and calibrated to make products that we are proud to share with you and know you’ll be ecstatic to have on your fireplace, feature wall, or facade.

3. Pool Area

Surface Shop’s Stacked Stone Wall Panel range has a nominal thickness less than 1.75″, resulting in a natural stone veneer product that is 15lbs or less per square foot.

  • This key attribute allows our panel systems to be installed quickly and easily using setting materials and without the need for mechanical fastening.
  • Stacked Stone Wall Panels are designed to adhere to cementious surfaces such as cement board, brick, block or a prepared metal lathe + scratch coat.
  • Industry leading calibration on the panels means these products can be installed seamlessly, very similar to wall tile.
  • Most panel system products have outside corner units available in different configurations to allow for all varieties of application details to be met.
  • Installation of the stacked stone wall panels is meant to be easy because we’ve done the hard work for you by curating the color blend and assembling the stones into a product that cuts, sets, and installs more similar to wall tile than to hand stacked loose stone.
  • One of the things that make Surface Shop Stacked Stone Wall Panels so appealing is the variety of projects they can be used on and the ease with which a panel system can transform the look and feel of a space in just a couple hours.
  • Cover up an outdated brick fireplace, add a super unique kitchen backsplash, build that pizza oven in your backyard or transform the entire look of your home with a wainscoat.
  • Commercially these products have been used on almost every project imaginable, ranging from hotels, casinos and restaurants to office build outs, multi family projects and even concert halls.

13. Bold Contrast

Browse Surface Shop’s stacked stone wall panels and find the right product for your next project. Accessory products to stacked stone wall panels like outside corner units and natural ends are also an important part of many installations.

10. Contemporary Planks

24. Defining Accent Wall

Click on individual Surface Shop stacked stone wall panel products to learn more about what accessories are unique and available for each product. Stone Veneer Wall Panels are designed to be installed very similar to other types of wall tile, over a cementious substrate and using a polymer modified thinset.

See the specific installation guides for each product for expanded details on the installation of these products.

2) Mortarless Easy-to-Install Stone Veneer

What's the difference between Panels and Loose Stone? Stone Veneer Wall Panel Products are made from cut pieces of natural stone that have been fit and glued together into a highly calibrated panel that is designed to be easy to install.

25. Subtle Skirt

Loose stone comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and has a similar installation process to a panel system product, but the installation is more adaptive to making the loose pieces fit together.

2) Mortar Joints

17. Subtle Accents

Surface Shop Stone Veneer Wall Panel Systems come with a range of accessories including outside corner units. Corner Units will vary in design based on the product they complement, ranging from interlocking finger jointed corners to dual end overlapping corners.

Design your Dream Project with Surface Shop

Learn more about what accessories are available by selecting a product and reviewing the product details. With very few exceptions, Surface Shop Stone Veneer Wall Panels can be installed in both interior and exterior projects, including in climates subject to freeze/ thaw cycles, as well as in applications that are in or around water such as pools and fountains.

4. Exterior Accent Wall

14. Three-Dimensional Design

Dream big with the Surface Shop line of Stacked Stone Wall Panels. We’ve got tons of colors, styles, and price points to offer, and inside you’ll see an extensive library of past projects to help you find that exact right product to fit your design.

2. Stone Accents

Go forth, enjoy, and contact a Surface Shop Pro for samples, pricing, and availability for your project. Below is a hand-picked short list of Stacked Stone Panels that the Surface Shop Team sells most often nationwide.

21. Seating Area Backdrop

These panels have a particular color or price point that makes them especially attractive and useful across a multitude of regions and project styles. We're happy to dust ourselves off and climb out of the quarry to help with your next project. Ledgestone Style. Narrow, stacked stones for a more intricate aesthetic. Tight-Cut Style. Bold stones with a tighter fit for a professional appearance.

Carved Block Style. Strong, clear, chiseled texture for a contemporary look. Versetta Stone Accessories. Matching finish pieces and tools to complete the job. Versetta Stone changed the rules on how to install stone walls with its mortarless stone panels. You’ll get a complete system that installs faster and offers the versatility to create stunning exterior and interior walls without the limitations of heavy traditional stone materials. Each panel covers 2ft2. Lightweight, fiber-reinforced concrete replicates authentic look and feel of stone.

Tongue and groove system for perfect spacing every time. Installs with screws or nails, no scratch coat or metal lath needed.

20. Landscape Focal Point

Built-in rain screen. No seasonal restrictions on installation. Wind resistant up to 110 MPH. Class A fire resistance rating, and passes freeze/thaw testing. Versetta Stone panels are made of lightweight aggregate materials that help reduce installer fatigue. Available in 8″ x 36″ panels, Versetta Stone products can be installed almost anywhere without additional footings for support.

9. Skirting Panels

Almost any siding contractor or carpenter can install Versetta Stone panels. There’s no need for metal lath or scratch coats.

23. Column Detail

Simply use a mason saw to cut pieces to length and a common angle grinder to dress edges where needed.

26. Outdoor Living Room Accent

Then, line up each panel with the tongue and groove system and screw or nail to secure in place. You won’t have to worry about painting, coating or sealing. What’s not to love? Can be installed by a siding contractor or carpenter.

30. An Alternative to Brick

Panels interlock with tongue and groove system. No need to paint, coat or seal once installed.

18. Adding Depth

Learn How To Install. Versetta Stone mortarless panels come in a variety of popular styles and authentic colors. This gives you the freedom to create exterior stone walls that complement other cladding options, or build the perfect indoor accent wall or fireplace.

16. Front Accent

Enhance any style of home with a selection of on-trend colors and textures. Combine with other cladding including wood, brick and stucco. Use for exterior walls or interior stone accent walls, fireplaces, backsplashes and more. See design ideas. Natural Stacked Stone Ledger Panels are trimmed pieces of REAL stone affixed together to form modular interlocking panels.

1) Traditional Stone Veneer

This allows for a fast and efficient installation of a beautiful dry stacked stone veneer. Stoneyard® Stone Panels are available in both FLAT interlocking stepped panels and CORNER “L” interlocking panels for 90° outside corners. Need help deciding? Select one of the color options below to narrow your choices. Looking for Thin Stone Veneer? Thin Stone Veneer is available in Mosaic, Ledgestone, Ashlar, Square & Rectangular and Round Shapes in both Flats and Corners.

8. Architectural Highlights

Read about Mortar Joint Options and How to Install Thin Stone Veneer. Thin Stone Veneer | Ledgestone | Ashlar |Square | Mosaic | Round | Precision Cut | Stone Panels.

22. Patio Wall

Natural Stacked Stone Ledger Panels are trimmed pieces of REAL stone affixed together to form modular interlocking panels. This allows for a fast and efficient installation of a beautiful dry stacked stone veneer.

19. Rich Elegance

Stoneyard® Stone Panels are available in both FLAT interlocking stepped panels and CORNER “L” interlocking panels for 90° outside corners. Need help deciding? Select one of the color options below to narrow your choices. Looking for Thin Stone Veneer? Thin Stone Veneer is available in Mosaic, Ledgestone, Ashlar, Square & Rectangular and Round Shapes in both Flats and Corners.

11. Outdoor Fireplace

12. Clean, White Texture

Read about Mortar Joint Options and How to Install Thin Stone Veneer. The way the exterior of your home looks is arguably more important than the way it appears inside. Your home’s exterior style and appearance have a lot to do with its value, its curb appeal, and how quickly it’s able to sell when put it on the market.

1. Gates and Archways

For these reasons, many homeowners work hard to ensure that their exterior is stylish, kept up, and in keeping with the rest of their home’s architecture. And while there are many different materials on the market to help you do this, not all of them will give you the same beauty, texture, and longevity of natural stone.

Stone cladding and siding panels add richness and appeal to any area you install them on, including all areas of your home’s exterior and landscaping. Check out these 30 stone cladding and siding panel ideas to help gain some inspiration for your property. First impressions are often the most important.

Clad Your Home in Stone

For properties that have a gate or archway to enter through set forward from the main home, this entry point must make the impression before the visitor even arrives at your home. Make yours stand out with an Estate Stone cladding that will instantly set the tone for the rest of your exterior and landscaping.

There are few materials more durable to clad the exterior of your home in than brick and natural stone. Brick is a popular material for its style and durability, but cladding your entire home in it can mean obscuring some of its architecture and detail. By using Estate Stone to accent the brick, it lightens and breaks up the pattern, allowing those details to shine through.

27. Pool Accent

If you do a lot of entertaining around your pool area, you’ll want it to make an equally great impression on your guests. Things like built in seating, fire pits, and waterfall features all contribute to both style and functionality for the space.

28. Subtle Detail and Depth

Cladding them all in matching honed stone unifies the area and complements the landscaping at the same time. Many people have already discovered the advantages to using an accent wall indoors to liven up their walls and their design.

7. Waterfall Feature

McCarran Airport Terminal 3 – Las Vegas, NV

This home uses an exterior accent wall to contrast the panel siding and add some interest to the contemporary layout. The wall sits at a 90-degree angle to the rest of the siding, which calls attention to the entryway and the architecture at the same time.

Love Field Terminal Expansion – Dallas, TX

For homes located in warm climates, it’s common to have lanai or patio areas that are partially indoors and partially outside. This property uses a fireplace in this section of the home for greater versatility both in design and in function. The honed stone cladding on the fireplace complements both areas of the home, with its natural color and sleek, clean edges.

Orlando International Airport – Orlando, FL

If you have a dining area located outside of your home, set it apart from the rest of the space by creating an elegant accent wall to frame it. This space has a single wall clad in honed stone, which helps bring attention to the dining area, separating it from both the inside and the rest of the landscaping.

Kalamazoo Transit Center – Kalamazoo, MI

Adding a waterfall feature to your pool adds both visual beauty and tranquil sound. This contemporary feature uses not only pipe fillers, which match the tone of the fence behind it, but also a honed stone cladding. The cladding mimics the panels of the modern fence behind the pool, creating a unified look, while still matching the natural surroundings of the yard.


This large, transitional-style home features several interesting architectural details that might be lost if clad in a single material. Instead, each section is given the chance to shine, including the front columns which are clad in a honed stone that complements the dark gray brick used elsewhere. It’s common in some types of architecture to feature a different material on the lower half of the home than what’s installed at the top.

Curved Stone

This highlights the different stories of the building and brings greater interest and diversity to the design. This property uses a honed granite panel on the skirt, bringing it right up the edge of the upper story for a stunning contrast in color and texture. Many people assume that natural stone is traditional or formal in presentation and design, but this isn’t always the case. This very contemporary home gets a facelift from the use of honed, contemporary stone planks.

The planks can be installed in several patterns to get a variety of effects. Here, they’re stacked on top of one another, highlighting the linear architecture of the home. When using natural stone outdoors, sometimes a more rustic appearance can help tie in the feature to the landscaping and surrounding nature.

Balconies and Cantilevered Structures

In this case, a Shadowstone accent above the more contemporary surround helps tie this outdoor fireplace in with the natural space located just behind. Stucco is a popular material for many home exteriors, but its texture may be too subtle for some properties.


This home gets a much-needed lift from a textured white stone cladding on the front. The clean white color of the stone brightens up the exterior, creating a more contemporary façade, while the stucco warms up the rest of the property, adding a subtle contrast.

Can you paint exterior stone?

To frame out this patio, one side of an adjoining shed was clad in a deep, Midnight Shadowstone. This dark color frames the patio and helps bring attention to it. What really makes the design pop, however, is the lighter stone surrounding the gas fireplace, adding both function and visual warmth.

One of the best things about stone cladding is its ability to be installed on nearly any surface, both inside and out. In this case, the stone follows you right beneath the archway that leads to the front of the home, then appears again surrounding the door.

This three-dimensional use of the stone has the effect of pulling you forward right into the design. Sometimes a property can appear more or less contemporary or traditional depending on what it’s been clad in.

This very modern home appears much more transitional and in keeping with its surroundings having been clad in a light, multi-color Shadowstone.

How to install faux stone siding?

The texture from the stone contrasts beautifully with the clean lines of the property, giving the entire design a lot of depth. This home’s architecture would be lost if the entire property were clad in a single color or material. Instead, the lines of the home are brought into sharp detail by the use of a stone panel front. The dark color and texture of the stone contrast with the rest of the property, throwing the front section into relief and calling attention to the design.


Individualized Systems: Composite and Concrete

Using stone as an accent doesn’t have to create contrast with whatever else you have installed there. This home uses both stone and wood to create a very subtle and detailed design. The Terracotta-colored stone picks up the warm tones from the wood, creating a cohesive design that adds interest without adding contrast.