Stone Tile For Walls

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Natural stone wall tile can help make your home as warm and soothing or as vibrant and exciting a place as you wish for you and your family. Natural wall stone comes in a variety of colors and textures, from creamy browns to sleek blacks.

Stone Wall Tiles

Arctic Storm Interlocking 3D Peel and Stick Stone Wall Tiles

You can choose a decorative wall tile in a tumbled and textured look or a high polished smooth feel. Natural wall stone is easy to clean and maintain. It oftentimes only needs periodic sealing to look good for years. Tumbled stone wall tile and rock wall tile are easy ways to bring the look of the outdoors into your home and make statement.

Whimsical Stone Wall Tiles

A decorative stone wall out of either is a great addition to a bathroom or kitchen. Their durability and moisture resistance make them perfect for high traffic rooms and even entryways.

Limestone Brick Stone Wall Tiles

Explore our selection of natural stone wall tile and mix any of our styles, sizes, colors and textures.

Glossy Arctic Storm Interlocking 3D Peel and Stick Stone Wall Tiles

We carry a large selection of tumbled stone wall tile and polished stone tiles as well.

Synchronized Stone Block Tile Design

Create a cozy ambience in your bedroom exactly how it should be. Add the synchronized stone block design to get the desired look.
Synchronized stone block tile design

Winter Oak Veneer Peel and Stick Stone Wall Tiles

Just like other veneer tile design this is also a good choice for the kitchen walls. The winter oak peel and stick tile design will make your kitchen look like a farmhouse.
Winter oak veneer peel and stick tiles

Quirky Natural Stone Wall Tiles

The natural stone wall tiles look extraordinarily simple because of the asymmetrical shapes of the stones. Add this tile design in your lounge area to get a quirky look.

Flat Stone Chrome Wall Tiles for Your Living Area

Make your leisure living room look cozy by adding the flat stone chrome tiles on the wall opposite to the tv unit. You will thoroughly enjoy the ambience it creates.
Flat stone chrome tile design

Stone Brick White Tiles

The stone tiles in brick shape are currently sensational. The new generation is obsessed with serene tile look. Add this to your home interiors to make it look calming and peaceful
Stone brick white tiles calming design

Cave Stone Tile Design for Your Bathroom

As the name suggests, the cave stone tile design is inspired from cave stone art. Add this tile design to your bathroom wall and make it look a comfortable place.
Cave stone bathroom tile design

Uneven Stone Wall Tiles

Comfortable places are mostly a bit cluttered and that is what makes it warm. Choose the uneven stone wall tiles design for your home to get a snug look around you.
Uneven stone tile design for home

Midnight Ash Peel and Stick Stone Tile Design

Dark shades are believed to raise appetite. So, having a dark colored tile design will do no harm to your home. Add the midnight ash peel and stick tile design in your dining room and create a benevolent look along with a raised appetite.
Midnight ash peel and stick tiles for dining room

Stone Wall Tiles for Exterior Walls

Only decorating the interior is not enough if you want an appealing look of your home. Dress up your exterior walls with the ice interlocking outdoor wall tiles stone design.
Ice interlocking outdoor wall stone tiles

Dash Stone Tile Design

Another outdoor wall tile design that can create a pleasant look in your house’s façade is the dash stone tile design. This design will grab all your passerby's attention for sure.
Dash stone tile design for outdoor walls

Brick Cloud Stone Tile Design

For the front wall of your home go for what the ancient people chose. Add the brick cloud stone tile design and make your home façade look rustic and warm.
Brick cloud stone design tiles for outdoor wall

Herringbone Stone Wall Tiles

If you are searching for an elegant tile design for your bathroom, then the herringbone tile designs are the perfect choice for it. This design comes in many shades and ranges. Choose according to your convenience.
Herringbone stone tiles for bathroom

Crystalline Stone Wall Tile Design

Bedroom is the place we are most comfortable in. Make the place more blissful by adding the crystalline stone tile design on the walls of your bedroom.
crystalline stone wall tile design

Pebble Stone Wall Tile Design

The pebble stone tile design has a unique genialness in its design. This design on your living room wall will look absolutely stunning and pleasant.
Pebble stone tile design

Add the Rustic Plain Stone Wall Tile

Are you looking for a simple tile design for the home out going to give out for rent? Add the plain grey stone tile design in the space and get an appealing look. Home buyers too prefer this design.
Plain stone tile design

Island Blend Brick Stone Wall Tiles for Your Hall

For the hall of your cozy home choose a wall tile design that will make the place more amiable. Go for the island and blend brick stone tiles.
Island blend brick stone wall tiles design

These were the 20 top stone wall tiles designed to make your home look cozy and comfortable. These natural stone wall tiles design ideas will also be suitable for commercial purposes too.

  • Which stone is good for wall cladding?

    Granite, sandstone and slate are the best choices when it comes to wall cladding.

  • Is stone cladding modern?

  • Is stone cladding good?

    Yes, as provides effective protection against extreme weather conditions.

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