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How to Get the Substance Painter and Substance Design Trial Versions?

How to Get the Substance Painter and Substance Design for Free?

Substance Painter Free Pack Materials V2

Looking for Substance Painter Materials and are you frustrated by the countless internet paywalls? Check out my list of 100% free and legit substance painter materials, and smart materials you can download right now for free. Some of the freebies can even be used in commercial renders. Here is my list of FREE Substance Painter materials I have found. Remember, hard-working artists took the time and effort to create these files for us all, so if you can consider leaving a tip for the artists and on the sites that so generously provide us with these files.#1 – Good Textures – – This site boasts having 123 unique pbr based files ready to download and free to use for both private and commercial renders.

Substance Painter Free Pack Materials V1

  1. The site is easy to navigate with no-frills, just a great resource. #2 – Substance Share – – this is the official FREE sharing platform for Substance Painter users.
  2. Create, share, and download materials for free.
  3. There are over 140 materials, and over 50 smart materials, you can download right now for free. #3 – Julio Sillet 3D Artist – – This artist has generously provided their Substance Painter materials for free.

Substance Painter – 3D Painting Software

Substance Source becomes Adobe Substance 3D assets

With well over 100 material options, this artists gumroad is worth checking out. If you like their work, don’t forget to tip. #4 – ArtStation – – Artstation has become one of the leading platforms for serious 3d and 2d artists to not only share their art, but also resources.


Students and teachers: get the Substance 3D texturing apps free of charge.

If you go to the Marketplace there is a FREE option for you to filter content under. There are many different 100% FREE substance painter materials you can download, as well as many other 3d treasures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Substance Account

Is my current Allegorithmic/ account disappearing?

#5 – GameTextures – – This site offers materials for use in 3D in various formats. When downloading a freebie from this site, be certain to check out the file format download options to get what best suits your needs. #6 – CG Ammo – – This artist has a few freebie substance painter materials offered on his gumroad, as well as a tutorial. You can download them for free, with an option for leaving the artist a tip.

Will I need to transition my account?

#7 – CG Trader – – If you search through the collection of download on CG TRader you will find a handful of free Substance Painter Materials as well as a few Smart Materials for free.

Substance Subscription & Licenses

What is the pricing for the Adobe Substance 3D Texturing Plan?

There are also many low-cost Substance Painter materials you can purchase. If you are looking for lots of great VRay materials, I also recommend checking out:

Are Adobe Substance 3D apps included in the Creative Cloud All Apps plans?

Do you know of another source of legit free Substance Painter materials? Be certain to check out our other freebie pages! 15 Free Beds – .obj and .fbx files. Free Adult Clothing & Props for Daz.

Will I be able to renew my existing annual or month to month Substance subscription?

Free 120+ Furniture & Household Props – .obj and .fbx files.

  • Artist Karim Abou Shousha is offering 2 packs of Free Materials for Substance Painter.
  • These packs are filled with wood, metal, glass, brick and more. About Karim Abou ShoushaEnvironment and Lighting Artist at Dekogon.

See more of his work at his Artstation page. Substance Painter is a 3D painting software allowing you to texture, render and share your work.

What is the difference between the new Adobe Substance 3D plans?

3D PBR Painting – Use a complete and familiar set of texturing tools: PBR and particle painting, brushes with opacity control, Substance procedural effects, smart materials and smart masks, and fast baking. Automated Texturing – Use and reuse presets and integrated bakers to speed up texturing. Premium Content – The updated material library contains scan-based Substance textures and grunge maps, plus hundreds of alphas and brushes.

Can I still purchase a perpetual Substance Painter or Designer license for Individual from Steam?

Substance Painter is now only available in Substance Suite Pro. Posted by Kim Sternisha. How do you get substance painter for free? Substance Painter and Substance Designer are two of the most popular 3D texturing software tools.

Can I try the Adobe Substance 3D apps before I buy?

The Painter and Designer applications, which were developed by Allegorithmic, have become a standard tool at studios around the world for texturing game assets and creating tileable, dynamic and modular textures, respectively.

Are there options for Enterprise customers?

Substance Designer is also used to create a base material library where the materials can be used in other applications like Substance Painter.

Do I still have access to Substance Automation Toolkit if I have an Indie subscription?

Normally, Substance software’s indie monthly plan costs $19.90/month and $239/year while the PRO cost $99.90/month and 990/year but 3D animation tools aren’t exactly cheap, Allegorithmic is offering both Substance applications for free.


Where do I find new Substance Source materials?

The free education license is aimed at students and teachers. The free applications come with all the standard features and tools that the commercial versions offer as well as free updates.

What is the difference between Adobe Substance 3D Assets & Substance Source?

The free updates will come as long as the user remains in full-time education. However, these applications could only be used for personal learning.

Will I lose my Source licensed assets and remaining Source download points when I transition my account?

To get the Substance Painter and Substance Design, simply upload your student ID and download the code for the software. You can download the free education license here. The free education license is valid for a year and it’s renewable. Substance applications could be used at home on a personal computer. For teachers, the free versions cannot be used on school computers; they cannot be used to in class to teach.

Is there a cost to use 3D assets with the Adobe Substance 3D apps?

Educators could access these applications at qualifying institutions. For individuals who wish to obtain the free licenses for their schools, you are eligible for discounts. You can check out the discounted prices here and get more information here.

Are there any changes to Substance Share?

Although the free education license is offered for personal use, Allegorithmic implied that the applications could be used for commercial work as well. But just to make sure you don’t violate the terms, stick with the personal use.


How can I access the Adobe Substance 3D products if I am a student?

You can try any of Allegorithmic’s software applications for 30 days, including plugins for 3DS MAX. MODO, Houdini, and Maya here. All Substance applications are fully featured, regardless of the license type. To get the trial versions of these tools, just choose the category that fits your occupation or organization and download.

Tools & Features

I just subscribed to an Adobe Substance 3D plan. How do I install the apps?

Now you know how to get Substance Painter for free! Next, let us know: .

What happens to the Substance launcher?

What’s your #1 question about Substance Painter?

Why are Substance launcher features not working for my Substance apps?

Let us know in the comments below!

How do I sign up for the Adobe Substance 3D Modeler beta?

Sign up for early access to the private beta and we will notify you if you are selected.

Is Medium by Adobe still free? Where can I access it?

Adobe Medium is still free and can be downloaded through the Oculus Store.

What type of hardware, operating systems, and GPU do I need?

More powerful hardware and graphics processors improve the experience with the Substance 3D apps.

Does Adobe Substance 3D include Adobe Aero?

Adobe Aero is not included in the Adobe Substance 3D plans, as Aero is a free app on both mobile and desktop.

Do the Substance 3D apps work on Apple M1 chips?

The Painter, Designer, Sampler, and Stager apps are compatible with M1 via emulation mode.

How can I continue to access Linux builds if I have a legacy Substance 3D subscription?

Linux builds of the Substance apps aren’t available via Individual Adobe Substance 3D subscriptions. At this point the Linux version is only available on Steam for Substance Painter & Substance Designer. For Teams & Enterprise plans on, please contact [email protected]


What happened to Substance Academy?

Substance Academy is now Adobe Substance 3D Learn. Get the latest courses and tutorials for the Adobe Substance 3D apps. Learn more about Stager, Painter, Designer, and Sampler here


How do I access more information?

Please visit our forums for more information.

For questions regarding Adobe accounts or plans, please contact Adobe Customer Care.
For questions regarding accounts or legacy apps, please contact us.

If I have a license to Substance Source Assets but have not yet created an Adobe account, am I subject to the Terms of Use in connection with my use of Substance 3D Assets?

The Substance General Terms and Conditions would still apply to your use of Substance 3D Assets. Note that all references to Substance Source in the Substance General Terms and Conditions shall mean the Substance 3D Assets.

How is Substance 3D Stager different from Adobe Dimension?

Stager is a new 3D app to compose and render 3D scenes that offers a variety of new features.