Tablet As Digital Photo Frame

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These days most everyone has an old unused Android tablet sitting on a shelf somewhere.
And chances are a good number of them still work just fine.
If you happen to be one of those folks that have an old, but working tablet sitting around, why not do something productive with it instead of letting it gather dust?

You can easily turn most any unused working tablet into a pretty snazzy digital picture frame simply by downloading a free app and copying a bunch of your favorite photos onto it. There are many good digital picture frame apps in the Google Play Store, some of which are free. Just be sure to choose an app that has good user ratings and permissions that aren’t too intrusive, and you’ll be in business. After you’ve selected and installed a good picture frame app, simply load up your tablet with your favorite photos and then run the app to display a never-ending slideshow.

If you happen to have an unused iPad laying around, you’re in luck as well. And you won’t even have to download an app since you can simply use the awesome “Gallery” feature of the Photos app!

Step Three: Set Up Charging Tools

That’s all there is to it! Enjoy your awesome “new” digital picture frame! There's an incredibly handy application in the Google Play store that lets you turn your Android smartphone or tablet into a socially connected digital picture frame.

Called Dayframe (free), it's similar to the Daydream mode that comes with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and later, except that Dayframe is much more social, more photo-friendly, and allows for very specific user-defined settings. As to what makes this a "social connected" digital picture frame experience comes from the app's integration with various social networks.

Dayframe displays pictures from services such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as 500px, Tumblr, Google+, Dropbox, and Flickr.

This is good news, because unlike your more traditional picture frames, you won't have to load photos onto it using a microSD card or sending them to the device via e-mail or SMS.

Best photo apps for turning an old tablet as a digital picture frame

Simply go about your life the same as before and your old tablet stays current with pictures of your vacations, birthdays, and cats. There are two ways to use Dayframe. The first is to set it to go during your tablet's downtime, like maybe when you're at the office in front of a computer that you use for tasks, when you're not using the tablet.

You can turn it off by simply waking your device and jumping into your apps or games. The other use for Dayframe is on an older, unused tablet to turn it into a dedicated digital photo frame. For the sake of this post, we'll pretend that you've got an old tablet lying around, collecting dust.

Let's turn that into a digital picture frame that looks great on the office desk or on Aunt Alice's coffee table.

What You’ll Need

Step 1: Install and configure Download Dayframe and install from the Google Play store. At only 11MB, you should be ready to roll in just a few moments. The first time you open the app you'll be given options to choose your various photo sources, including taking photos that are already stored on the device.

It's here that you can sign in with your social networks and services. Forget to include one or decide to add something else later? No problem, you can manage your accounts with a simple swipe to the settings page.

In fact, I recommend adding things in slowly so that you can get a sense for what sort of signal to noise your sources provide.


Step 2: Customizing even more photo sources On the off chance you don't have any social-media accounts, or even if you just want more images dancing across your screen, you can still pull in pictures from outside sources. The service 500px, for instance, delivers a steady stream of gorgeous photos from folks all over the Web.

It's in this early setup process that Dayframe users are asked to select from up to three areas of interest. Options include categories such as art, music, sports, and food; each is a curated list of sources from a variety of blogs, magazines, photographers, among others. If you're planning on giving this new digital picture frame to Grandma, then you may elect to have Dayframe display very specific Facebook accounts and Instagram feeds that match up with family and friends' happenings.

Here's a pro-tip: Select keywords in Flickr and Twitter to pull in seasonal photos to admire, like roasting chestnuts, snowflakes, and spring blooms.

How to use a Tablet as a picture frame

You can drill down as deep as you'd like with any of these sources, so definitely play around here. After watching my tablet cycle through the same photos of friends and family members over the last few days, I have elected for more discovery and inspirational content.

Step 3: Set a timer Whether your tablet is going to sit on the wall and continuously display pictures or cycle only during work hours, head into the "Timers" setting and pick which window of time you want the screensaver to run.

You may notice that there's a "Prime" section floating around in Dayframe.

Step One: Put Your Photos On a Cloud Service

I suspect that this feature will unlock in a future update and allow for more flexibility. Perhaps we'll be able to set specific playlists for a particular time of day. Maybe you'll have Facebook photos from 9 a.m. with Instagram favorites cycling in the evenings? Step 4: Get to know additional settings If you don't plan to physically pick up the tablet or interact with it all that often, set the Dayframe app up to hide information or interaction buttons.

This way, you'll have a truly gorgeous and always-updated digital picture frame. Or, if you'd rather it didn't run continuously around the clock, you can set Dayframe to display during certain hours, which makes it well-suited for tablets that you use every day. Users can define what battery level is required before the screensaver kicks on.

If you only want to see it run at the office when you're connected to Wi-Fi, just pick the settings that work best for you, but know that you can change things at a moment's notice.

Step Four: Display Your Tablet

Nothing with Dayframe is actually permanent. If you plan to convert an old tablet into a semipermanent digital photo frame, you'll want to consider a stand or dock to display your device, or perhaps even a wall mount. If you try Dayframe out, let me know in the comments how you like it, and which settings or sources work best for you.

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If you’re wondering how to use an old tablet a a digital picture frame, then look no further. You’ll need a tablet stand, an old working tablet, and the proper digital photo album app. These apps are highly customizable and can be configured to show any number of photos from any of your preferred photo sources.

It’s a great way for sharing and automatically displaying photo gallery images for friends, family, or as a kitchen or living room decoration. The only difference when doing this on android tablets, iPads, fire hd tablets or windows tablets is that you’ll need to find a compatible photo frame app depending on that specific operating system, which we cover thoroughly in this post.

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Using a Tablet as a Picture Frame vs a Digital Photo Frame (pro and cons)

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Related: Krita vs Medibang: Which software is better for artists? Digital photo frames, like this one from amazon], are designed to be both aesthetically appealing and work with minimal flaws when I tested them. Compared to using an old tablet as a photo album gallery display, a dedicated digital photo frame was built specifically with this use in mind and works with it’s own application for easy setup, less flaws, and a high resolution display.

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Step Two: Download and Set Up Fotoo

[Buyers Guide] . Related: Best Budget Tablets for Watching Netflix. The advantage of using a tablet instead of a dedicated digital photo frame is its versatility. When you and your family do not need to look at pictures, use the tablet as your normal social media, communication, and multimedia device. A tablet or digital photo frame will do the job of showing off your latest family photos to friends and relatives.

However, there are some features that distinguish one from the other. Let’s look at some of these differences. Aesthetics: The digital photo frame is a dedicated electronic photo album, nothing more; it will have a frame, much like ordinary photo frames do and you can choose the color and style that will best match your home decor.

You can choose between traditional classic wooden frames and modern acrylic or plexiglass materials.

Types of DIY Tablet photo frames DIY

A tablet, like a Fire HD, an old Android tablet, or iPad, won’t have a frame so it may not complement the colors of your room as well. Of course, the tablet can do a lot more aside from displaying photos. See our post: Best Budget Tablets with a Good Camera. Ease of Setup: Because it only has one function – a digital display of photos – the digital photo frame is so easy to use and usually works straight out of the box.

The software is often built-in already. Our senior family members who are not tech-savvy will be able to set this up on their own. The tablet, on the other hand, needs someone more digitally savvy, who can download the appropriate photo slideshow apps and ensure proper connection to WiFi.

Photo Stand: Most digital photo frames already come with a pop-out leg that works as a stand.

Tablets normally won’t have a stand included with it so you will need to source your own.

Why are digital photo frames so expensive?

We have a few recommendations for you below. Related: Best Stylus for Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator. Power Supply: Most digital photo frames need to be plugged in the whole time. That can be of some concern among seniors and others who may feel that is a waste of money.

Some newer ones have a built-in rechargeable battery aside from AC power but these are often more expensive. Tablets, because they come with built-in rechargeable batteries, can work without needing to be plugged in all the time.

Versatility of Use: A dedicated digital photo frame does nothing but show you a slideshow of your selected photos.

Obviously, the tablet can do so much more. If you tire of looking at the photos, you can just take it out of the stand or wall mount and use it as a normal tablet.
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