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It’s amazing the quantity of people searching for tamil fonts. But the next step after you find the perfect font is the installation.

Tamil Fonts

  • Right-click the .ttf font file and choose ‘Install’.
  • Double-click the Tamil Font .ttf file to open the font (preview mode) and click ‘Install’.
  • Access Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Fonts and copy the font file to the ‘Fonts’ folder.
  • Important: when using option 3, if you receive an error, you need to guarantee the file is not compressed (copy the .ttf file, NOT the zip file) and make sure you have Administrator Privileges.
  • Browse through our Tamil fonts collection.
  • Download 11 Stylish Tamil fonts.
  • Hi, microsoftquest.
  • Out of curiousity, did you upgrade from Windows 7?
  • Windows has a number of fonts that are designed for use with particular languages.
  • In the past, these used to be installed on all Windows systems.
  • In Windows 10, a number of these fonts have been moved into optional features.
  • There is one of these optional features, "Supplemental Tamil Fonts", that includes the Latha and Vijaya fonts.
  • Without this feature installed, Tamil is still supported on all Windows 10 systems using the Nirmala UI font, but some apps, Web sites or documents that require the other fonts might have issues.
  • The feature will be installed automatically if you add the Tamil language to your profile in Settings.
  • This is the same as enabling a Tamil keyboard.
  • (The feature is installed from Windows Update, so you need to be online for this to happen.).
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If you upgraded from Windows 8 and already had Tamil in your settings on Windows 8, then the optional Tamil fonts feature will be installed automatically during the upgrade.

If you upgraded from Windows 7 and had a Tamil keyboard enabled already, then after the upgrade, Tamil should be included in your language profile, but unfortunately the optional Tamil fonts feature was not installed as part of the upgrade.

    • After a while, the system will detect that Tamil language is enabled but that the optional font feature is not installed, and it will install the font feature.
    • This could take several days, however.
    • You can fix your issue now either by adding Tamil language to your user language profile (if it's not already included), or you can enable the optional feature manually.
    • Both of these are done in Settings.
    • Click the Start button.
    • To add the Tamil language to your language profile:.
    • In Settings, click Time & language.
    • Click Region & language.
    • If Tamil is not included in your languages, click the "+" icon next to Add a language.
    • Scroll to find Tamil, then click on it to add it to your language list.Once you have added Tamil to your language list, then the optional Tamil font feature and other optional features for Tamil language support will be installed, provided you are online.
    • This should only take a few minutes.
    • To manually add the optional Tamil fonts feature:.
    • In Settings, click System.
    • Click Apps & features.
    • Click on the link, Manage optional features.
    • If "Tamil Supplemental Fonts" is not listed among the installed features, click on the "+" icon next to Add a feature.
    • Scroll to find "Tamil Supplemental Fonts".
  1. Click on that item, then click on Install.
    • Click on the back arrow in the upper corner of the window.
    • You should see the Tamil feature in the list as installed or in the process of being installed.
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