Tamil Keyboard Typing Software

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Top 3 Tamil Typing Software for Thanglish to Tamil Typing

Tamil typing software represents popular translation and typing tools used for writing in Tamil language using an English keyboard. Tamil typing masters are intuitive typing solutions, which help with typing even the most complicated Tamil words in seconds. Tamil typing software for PC supports various encodings for typing using Tamil99 and phonetic keyboard layouts. Tamil keyboard for PC offers user defined encodings along with auto-correct tools, special Tamil numerals and symbols and backspace manipulations. English to Tamil typing software solutions have inbuilt translation APIs that come in handy for translation and typing purposes. End-users need to start typing in the English language first before going ahead with clicking on the Translate button available. Once you click on this button, the typing master software would change all text into Tamil language. Tamil typing software for PC works on a transliteration system that in turn offers an easy mechanism for transferring this English language into Tamil. The mechanism being speech to text translation where you have to speak in English instead of typing for getting Tamil script. The best English to Tamil typing software for PC for accurate & fast typing are:.