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Tamil (தமிழ்) is the Tamil ethnic group's native language, and it is an official language in Sri Lanka, Singapore, and India's Tamil Nadu province.

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  • It was the first language, even before Sanskrit, to be designated as one of India's six Classical Languages in 2004.
  • The Tamil script is one of many scripts originating from the ancient Brahmi system, is used to write Tamil.
  • It is classified as an abugida, which means that it is not written with full vowels, unlike Greek or Latin alphabets.
  • Tamil's 18 consonants are written in their entirety, while diacritics express vowels that change the consonant letter.
  • Compared to other Brahmic scripts, Tamil rarely uses ligatures, which merge consonants into a single symbol.
  • Besides, such consonant distinctions are not reflected in the Tamil language, even though they are typically apparent in other Brahmic scripts with a more significant consonant character inventory.
  • Tamil writing dates back to the 3rd century BCE, according to verified evidence.
  • Tamil-Brahmi, a slightly modified version of the Brahmi script, was used in these early inscriptions.
  • However, this script fell out of favor, and other Brahmic scripts such as Grantha, Pallava, and Vatteluttu were created in its place.
  • A new system was developed over time, which eventually became the modern Tamil script.
  • Round shapes evolved due to writing on palm leaves, which appear to tear if written on with straight lines, as they do in several Brahmic scripts from southern India and elsewhere.
  • You can download free Tamil fonts from our fonts collection.
  • We have some of the best Tamil Unicode Fonts available.
  • These Unicode characters are suitable for use in both Latin and Tamil scripts.
  • Unicode mapping is used by the vast majority of computer and Web browsers, making these fonts suitable for viewing text on the screen.
  • Akshar Regular Unicode Font.
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Latha Regular Unicode Font. Latha Bold Unicode Font. Vijaya Regular Unicode Font. Vijaya Bold Unicode Font. Download Tamil Legacy Font by clicking on the links below.

After downloading, you can immediately begin typing in Tamil.

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Download Free Tamil Font Tamil Canadian. Download Free Tamil Font Tamil Web. Google fonts are web font families that can use on a website by modifying the source code with CSS or JavaScript. The following link will take you to a Google font website where you can download and embed fonts. TamilFonts.net is the largest online repository for free Tamil Fonts.