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Translationly is a free online multilingual translation website developed for students, bloggers, and entrepreneurs.

Frequently asked questions about Tamil to English text translation?

This website lets you translate your text and document from one language to another with ease. You can use this website to translate a paragraph, a document, and a website in your local language for free. Our tool will let you translate your text in more than 100+ languages with fast and accurate translation.

We will make your work and life a little easier without losing the impressiveness of your writing. A sentence isn’t just a cluster of the word but the meaning holds an equal amount of significance. In translation sometimes that value gets lost but not to worry, we will portray just the right meaning with the proper translation.

We are a reliable multilingual website translation tool designed to make your life a little easier with all its amazing features. You won't have to be worried about double-checking your content, it's our promise you'll find the translation that will match up your standards just fine.

We are also available in the form of an app for android as well as IOS. Free online Tamil to English translation site to easily Translate Tamil text into English . You can translate words, sentences and paragraphs from Tamil to English easily and fast! We use powerful Google API's in this Tamil to English translation tool.

You can type your Tamil text, words or sentences in the first text box and click on the 'Translate' button to translate the entered text into English. The translation from Tamil to English takes a fraction of a second and in one request you can translate upto 1000 words. Tamil and English languages are spoken by many people around the world. Our Tamil to English translator helps you in learning or understanding basic text of these languages when you are an expert in one and learning the other.

Translation APIs provide near perfect Tamil to English translation, however these translations are not meant to be used for any mission critical things like - legal, medical..etc. Tamil to English Translator will give you a near perfect idea on the text which is being translated especially it's perfect in translating commonly used sentences/words like Greetings, travel, shopping, numbers, relations..etc.

How does Tamil to English Translation work?

  • If you have any suggestions or feedback for us, pleasecontact us . We perform translation from Tamil to English using Google or Microsoft APIs. We send the Tamil text you provide to these services and they respond to us with a text which is in English.
  • These services rely on loads of data about Tamil language and English language and using advanced technologies, these services are able to provide us translated text in English from Tamil.
  • Yes, we provide this Tamil to English text translation absolutely FREE of cost. In order to ensure that the Translation from Tamil to English services are used in a fair manner, we have some restrictions on the usage.
  • Per Request Limit: A maximum of 500 characters per request is allowed. At the same time, there is no restriction on the number of Tamil to English Translation requests you can send. Daily Limit : We have a daily quota limit for Translating from Tamil to English.
  • Once we run out of this quota, you may not be able to translate Tamil text into English.
  • We have you covered and you can do English to Tamil Translation here. Translate received Tamil WhatsApp messages into English . Translate online Tamil text in websites into English. You want to message a English friend then type your message in Tamil and Translate it into English and send it to your friend.
  • Understand the meaning of any Tamil words and use it as Tamil to English Dictionary. You can use this Tamil to English Translation online to translate Tamil sententences to English.

How can I translate words in Tamil to English words?

Using this online Tamil to English Translation tool you can translate Tamil text into English script.

You can open this Tamil to English Translation page on your mobile using a mobile browser and use it normally.

Yes, you can easily do Tamil to English grammer translation using this translator.

Enter your Tamil words in the first text box and click on 'Translate'.

This Tamil to English Translation site will convert words in Tamil to English words.

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Can I use this Tamil to English Translator on my mobile?

About Us

The translation tool uses Google Translate to translate the content that has been entered in Tamil and requires a translation. When you enter an Tamil word or a sentence, our API requests Google to translate it. Upon receiving the text in Tamil, they reply back with the required translated text in the requested language.

By combining machine language with advances in technologies like artificial intelligence and APIs, their system produces higher-quality translations that are reliable and almost accurate.

Is this Tamil to English translation free?

Yes. The translation tool where you can translate Tamil to English anytime is one hundred percent free of cost. It can be used through any device, anywhere, and for any purpose, be it personal or official.

However, there are a few restrictions placed on the requests. They are as follows:

  • Limit on the number of characters: A maximum of 6000 characters can be translated as a single request at any one time. The requests you can make are not limited, however.
  • Daily Quota: Even though you can request translation on many occasions, it will not be possible if the daily quota, gets exhausted.

While this translation tool is meant to be for everyone’s help, these mechanisms are in place to guard the tool against automated software or robots abusing the facilities.

How can I do English to Tamil Translation?