Tamil Unicode Type

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Tamil Typing or English to Tamil Converter is a free Typing Tool which is the easiest method for people who know only English typing to type in the Tamil Language from Phonetically similar words using English QWERTY keyboard layout. This is a Typing cum Editing tool which also allows you to Edit your Text content on our Website using which you can perform several most frequent and useful tasks such as Text manipulation, Printing etc. One of the Great features of this typing tool which you'll encounter nowhere on any other typing website is the Drop-Down menu which permits you to select the most appropriate word from a list of similar words.

All you have to do is highlight the word using the arrow key and press Space key. Tamil is highly influential language in Indian Landscape other than that it also has official Status in two countries Singapore and Sri Lanka. Tamil is one of the 22 official Languages of India. In Indian History, Tamil Literature has a highly respected place among the oldest surviving literature in Indian Languages.

In today's time when English dominates the Scenario of Academics most of the Indians know only English Typing but sometimes in our day to day life we ought to write any document into Tamil Language but lack of Tamil Language Keyboard makes it hard to perform this action. Here we arrive with very fast and accurate Typing cum converter tool which is very efficient in Typing Tamil from Phonetically similar English words which makes the task to type smooth.