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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ROM for RPCS3 is a fighting game between two or more players, the plot of the game is set in the eighth installment of the “Tekken Fighting Game” series that was first released in 2011.

Similar to the gameplay of the first version of Tekken in 1999, in this version, characters from the previous sections will be combined together with the new characters in this part to create a new character selection system that is extremely diverse and more extensive than ever before. Players can optionally choose the game mode they like best 1vs1 or even 2vs2 in order to combine or compete, dueling with their friends. In addition, they can also train their personal skills by creating matches with the machine to practice the best combos that can finish the opponent in a short period of time.

The superior combat phase or reversal situations combined with the sophisticated 3D graphics is the strong point of this game. Currently, “Tekken Tag Tournament 2” tournaments with prizes up to millions of dollars are also held in some countries around the world, this shows that the influence of this game is very big in the field of video games so far. To download Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ROM (ISO) for PS3 Emulator (RPCS3) you have to follow the step-by-step instructions below:. Click on the download link below. Accept the permissions of the Operating System, if requested, to download a file from an unknown source by clicking on “Accept”.

Screenshots of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Game:

  • Wait for the ROM (ISO) file to finish downloading.
  • Locate the game file Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ROM (ISO).
  • It is most likely compressed in .zip format.
  • Use a program to unzip it.
  • Install your ROM in the emulator. To do this follow the steps in the installation section below.
  • To install Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ROM (ISO) for RPCS3 quickly and easily follow the steps below:.
  • Download and install the RPCS3 emulator.

TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Free Download With PC Emulator Repacklab

Download Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ROM (ISO) from the link mentioned above, which will be compressed in a .zip file.

Open the RPCS3 emulator. In the upper left corner we will find a menu, click on “Boot” and then select “Install PKG” and open the PKG file of the game.

Now go to the downloaded game folder and copy the .RAP file and paste it into the folder: RPCS 3 O/dev_hdd0/home/00000001/exdata and replace the existing file with the same name.

We check that it appears in the emulator and start the game from it.

Distributor: Bandai Namco Games.

System Requirements of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Free Download For PC