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Tekken Tag Tournament is one of the most popular action games for Windows PCs. The game comes with a range of cool moves and characters, allowing players to have hours of fun in one go. After customising your character, you can learn the various moves that can turn your character into a power-packed fighting machine. Compared to Unreal Tournament 2004 and Mugen Tournament, this game features a new fighting system.

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Tekken Tag Tournament lets four players compete against each other. The competition takes place as part of turn-based mechanics. This fighting game is the follow-up instalment to the hit series, Soul Calibur and it aims to be a spiritual sequel to the popular series. The main character adopts the role of either Jin Shiritsu or Heihachi’s evil twin, Hagane.

Tekken Tag Tournament received a complete revamp to improve visuals, audio, game sequences, characters, customisation options, and moves.

The action game can be played on Windows PCs, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. In the early stages, the Windows game received much critical acclaim but failed to garner a lot of attention among action gaming fans. Gradually, Tekken Tag Tournament became a popular choice among gamers around the world. Compared to other games, Tekken Tag Tournament offers some new features, including a multiplayer mode.

How to Download and Install Tekken Tag Tournament 2 For PC Free?

In this fighting game, you can play in groups of four to test various moves in action-packed battles. The objective is to win the game as a team and beat your opponents as fast as possible. As it is common in such action games, players fight one-on-one, until one of them tags a partner to take over the battle.

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The Windows game offers a fast-paced tag team sequence and keeps you entertained for many hours. Tekken Tag Tournament also offers multiple character customisation options. Tekken Tag Tournament features the same fighting/action game formula as seen in similar titles.

  • The character customisation options are the only exception.