Temple Run Oz Download

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Escape from the temple in the world of Oz

Temple Run: Oz is the fourth episode of the popular racing game. Run as fast as you can whilst avoiding obstacles and collecting bonuses and coins in the magical world of Oz.

An adventure in the land of Oz

Temple Run: Oz combines the exciting game-play of Temple Run 2 with the magic of the movie Oz: A fantasy world.

You will be chased by flying monkeys, which you should get as far away from as possible. Along the way you must jump, slide, turn at the right time and dodge objects.

Over the course of Temple Run: Oz, you will find coins and various bonuses which you have to collect. As well as the classic ones from the series, there are some new ones, such as the key, which lets you open a chest at the end of the level to find extras.

Simple and fast game-play

Temple Run: Oz is an easy-to-control game for all types of player. The controls are fluid and fast. This is even more evident when you get to the hot air balloon, where freedom of movement is more noticeable.

Temple Run: Oz has a constantly changing landscape and natural elements are always moving. Flying through the sky on board the hot air balloon gives you goosebumps, as does running along the path of yellow tiles inside the tunnel.

For fans of the series

Temple Run: Oz for Windows 10 renews and improves an already excellent game, adding few but important elements to game-play and graphics, providing a good amount of variety. Fans of the series should not miss it.