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Discover the best free textures for Photoshop in our guide, which rounds up the most interesting background overlays for you to try. • How to download Photoshop• 100 Photoshop tips!• 15 top Photoshop fixes• More Photoshop tutorials• Photoshop Elements tutorials.

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Photoshop is one of the best tools a photographer can have at their disposal – especially in the current global climate where going out on new shoots is unlikely for the foreseeable future. Now is definitely the time to be sitting down, going through your archives and experimenting with fun new effects.

How to use textures in Photoshop

07. Realistic Green Leaf from Vecteezy

Free Photoshop Textures (vintage, grunge, dust and scratches,...)

10. Messy Grunge Surface Texture

05. Watercolor texture from Vecteezy

02. 24 Seamless Bokeh Textures from Brusheezy

06. Green & blue leaves from Annie Spratt

01. Sky backgrounds at Texturify

09. Coniferous Autumn Forest Texture

03. Cracked Ground from Free Stock Textures

04. Dark Blue Water Wave from Free Stock Textures

08. Purple Chrysanthemum Flowers Texture

The best free textures for Photoshop

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12 Polygon Backgrounds

2 Free Vintage Overlay Textures

High Resolution Blurred Backgrounds Pack

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5 Soft Grunge Textures

20 Hi-Res Modern Backgrounds

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Free Seamless Paper Textures

Texture Usage Example

Hi-Res Folded Paper Textures

10 Free Cardboard Textures to Download

3 Recycled Paper Textures

10 Free Subtle Grunge Textures

7 Blurred Backgrounds

Free Wood Textures

• Read more:Free Lightroom presets. One of our favorite Photoshop effects is overlaying textures on our images. It's an incredibly quick and easy way to transform a tired old image into something fresh and exciting.

It's easy to shoot your own textures, but it's even easier to download some free textures online.

To help you find the right textures for your next project, we've rounded up our favorite background overlays for you to experiment with. Textures are a fantastic way to get creative, but you might be wondering how you actually use them.

Luckily, incorporating textures into your editing process is incredibly simple. To use a texture, simply drag it onto the image you're editing in Photoshop.

Then, you'll have the ability to resize your texture file so that it's covering the entirety of your background image (to ensure the best image quality for your final piece, you might want to resize the background shot so that it's smaller than the texture file).

Next, you'll need to change the Blending Mode. You might find that different modes will work better for different photos, so don't be afraid to experiment. However, we find that Screen tends to work best for most images.

You can then adjust the Opacity of your texture layer until you're happy with the results.

If you find that the texture layer is obscuring your focal point too much, you can use a layer mask to lessen the impact of the texture in that area. To do that, ensure that you've got the texture layer selected in the Layers box.

Then, go down to the bottom and select 'Add layer mask'. Then use the Brush tool in black with 20% Opacity and 0% hardness to gently erase the texture. To show you just how these free textures work, we've overlaid them on the same image so you can compare the different ones available.

4 Miscellaneous Grunge Textures

Remember that each link has several options to browse, so don't be afraid to explore your options! Sky textures can create beautiful effects on portraiture – and Texturify has a vast number of sky backgrounds to choose from.

Whether you're after a dramatic sunset or some light fluffy clouds, you'll find what you need here.