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  • This essential guide will explain what is texture in music, the different types of texture, and explain each texture in detail and why they are crucial.
The texture in music is how the tempo, melody, and harmonies are combined in a composition, determining the overall quality of sound in a piece of music.
It describes the complexity and amount of layers a piece of music has.
It is actually the way to describe how a piece of music or sound is organized. The texture of a piece can change because of the following factors:. The amount of parts playing simultaneously.


The timbre of the instruments or voices playing these parts. The Harmony used. The Rhythm used. Just like any physical thing has texture, so does the music has. However, since music can’t be touched and so its texture is actually characterized by sound.

The thickness of a texture can change by the amount and the richness of the instruments playing the piece of music. And the thickness generally varies from light to thick. Songs use a variety of textures to keep the piece of music interesting.

A texture in a piece of music can be described in a lot of different ways. A piece of music is said to have a thick texture if there are many layers of instruments or if a lot of melodies or harmonies are being played at the same time. A piece of music is said to have a thin texture if there are only a few instruments being played or if one or two melodies and harmonies are being played.

A music piece can be said to have an open texture (or a wide or spacious texture) if there’s a large gap between the highest and lowest notes of the piece of music.

A piece of music has a closed texture (or a tight texture) if all the singers or instruments are playing the notes that are close together. Following are some of the different types of textures in music:. Let’s see one by one about each of these different types of textures in music.

In simple words, when a melody is supported by harmony, then the texture is homophonic. Breaking down the word into two parts:. Homo = Same or Similar.

So in this type of texture, you can find multiple different notes playing, but they are all based around the same melody.
In the music that uses the homophonic texture, one layer grabs your attention while the other remains in the background.
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