Textured Metal Roofing

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Textured paint or Crinkle paint as it is sometimes called, is making a real impact on the metal roofing industry. There are several reasons for this and we want to outline a few of them for you. Textured painted metal will not replace the smooth coated products that have been used for years, however is is a very good option to look at, and in many ways it is a better option.

Textured painted metal was actually discovered by accident in a lab several years ago. The lab technician added a special catalyst to the standard paint formula and discovered that as the paint dried, the additional catalyst caused the paint surface to texture / wrinkle.

Rich Appearance

This technique was refined and tested in order to achieve the highest quality and performance. • Less Glare, The textured paint really minimizes the glare that a metal roof can inherently have. This lends to a overall better appearance. • Better scratch resistance, Because the surface of the metal textured, it will resist small scuffs and scratches. • Better traction, If you have ever needed to walk on a metal roof, you are aware that depending on the conditions, it can be difficult to maintain traction.

Less Prone to Minor Damage

The textured surface greatly improves that traction. This is a benefit for both the installers and the homeowners. • Hides under decking imperfections, Because of the reduced glare of the textured metal, any substrate imperfections will be less noticeable. Textured Painted metal is a really good option for someone that wants the long life of a metal roof, but wants something that has a lower gloss.

Color Retention

You can contact us if you are interested in more information, or would like to see a cost comparison for the textured paint in either the 29 Ga Ag Panel, or a 26 Ga standing seam. Our office number is 330-674-7051 we look forward to hearing from you. The information provided is for reference only and may change without notice. Our popular metal panel is also available in 10 colors with textured finishes instead of smooth finishes.

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Homeowners like it because the unique textured surface redirects sunlight for less glare than smooth panels. The optimum rib panel is an excellent choice for residential, commercial, and agricultural roofing and siding. Rib Spacing: 9″. Rib Height: 3/4″. Available in 10 glare-resistant textured colors. Cut to custom lengths. 40-year warranty (see warranty for details). 12+ Years experience.

Less Glare

Premium Canadian and American products. 40 year product warranty. 5 year workmanship warranty. Competitive pricing. Credit card processing. Ben and his crew were great. Joe travelled to us with samples, was always on time and very helpful. Love our new steel roof! Larry - Scotia Stairs Limited. Just had our roof done with black texured steel. It looks amazing and have many great comments on it.

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Very happy with customer service and pricing. Would recommend them for sure. Brian Yorke | Facebook Review. Thrilled with the job these boys did with our roof, weeks earlier than we expected fast professional and friendly. Also learned that the profits from our job were donated to the church. Not only great work but good people!! Laura Custance | Facebook Review. How often do you receive service with no glitches or hiccups.

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A seamless transaction which resulted in a great looking roof that several neighbours have stopped to compliment it. Great job Perma Steel Roofing team!! Lisa Swan-Dean | Facebook Review. You’ve decided to invest in a metal roof for your home or commercial building—great! Next, you need to decide whether you want textured metal roofing or non-textured metal roofing. Textured metal roofing is metal roofing painted with textured roof paint or crinkle paint. Textured metal roof panels have dramatically changed the metal roofing industry since they give you more options to customize your roof.

If you are deciding between a textured or non-textured metal roof, we’re here to help. Here are four reasons to consider textured metal roofing for your next project. Textured metal roofing can help minimize the natural glare of a metal roof by diffusing the sunlight.

This helps give the roof a more consistent, rich appearance. Also, textured paints measure between 2-3 on the gloss scale, so it is considered low gloss, therefore low glare. Textured paint gives metal roofs an enhanced appearance by adding dimension and depth.