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png png png png blend. png png png png blend. png png png png blend. jpg obj stl png png. Seamless Texture Set 001 (9 Textures). Brick Pattern D01. Brick Pattern B01. Asphalt Texture 23. Smooth Rock PBR Texture. Black Wall Texture. Character Design Contest Texture Pack. 120 Sci-fi Alpha Collection.

Creature Eye Textures - Vol 03. Eye Iris Texture Maps Vol 02. Techno Panel 4K PBR Texture. Eye Iris Texture Maps Vol 01. 28 Wood Surfaces PBR Texture Pack.

Horror Blood Texture Collection (1000+ Textures). 30 Spring Summer 2020 Fabric. Gemstone Texture Pack 1. Lava Rock 4K PBR.

Creature Eye Texture Maps Vol 01. Lava & Magma 4K PBR Texture.

Super Pack Textures.

Marble textures, due to their decorative qualities, are used for designing the most diverse compositions. Through a variety of patterns and colors, you can easily choose the perfect option for creating an original 3D model.

Free professional materials with high resolution will provide excellent HD-quality rendering. To assess the artistic properties of the texture, you can use the convenient preview provided on each page of the texture. For free download, just click on the relevant icon and save the file.

Select the section you are interested in and review the textures.

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