The Pyramid Model Preschool

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  • Module 1

    Promoting Social and Emotional Competence: These modules were designed based on input gathered during focus groups with program administrators, T/TA providers, early educators, and family members about the types and content of training that would be most useful in addressing the social-emotional needs of young children.

  • The Pyramid Model: Promoting Social Emotional Competence

    The content of the modules is consistent with evidence-based practices identified through a thorough review of the literature. Facilitator’s Guide PDF. Promoting Children’s Success: Building Relationships and Creating Supportive Environments.

  • Module 3a

    H1.1 Module 1 PowerPoint PPT. Handout H1.2 PDF. Handout H1.3 PDF. Handout H1.4 PDF. Handout H1.5 PDF. Handout H1.6 PDF. Handout H1.7 PDF. Handout H1.8 PDF. Mary Go Round Expectations Book PPT. V1.1 Conversations Video. V1.2 System for Centers Video. V1.3 Visual Schedule Video. V1.4 Transition Outside Video. V1.5 Transition to Center Video. V1.6 Transition Cue Video.

  • Module 3b

    V1.7 Transition with Timer Video. V1.8 5 Minute Glove Video. V1.9 CircleVideo. V1.10 Circle Activity 2 Video. V1.11 Reciting the Rules Video. V1.12 Stop Go Rules Video. V1.13 Demonstrating Rules Video. V1.14 Positive Attention Video. Social-Emotional Teaching Strategies. H2.1 Module 2PPT. Handout H2.2 PDF. Handout H2.3 PDF. Handout H2.4 PDF. Handout H2.5 PDF. Handout H2.6 PDF.

  • Module 2

    Handout H2.7 PDF. Handout H2.8 PDF. Handout H2.9 PDF. Inventory of Practices PDF. Tucker Turtle Takes Time to Tuck and Think PPT. V2.1 Skills Children Have Video.

    V2.2 Play Organizing Skills Video. V2.3 Turn Taking Video. V2.4 Friendship Art Video. V2.5 Super Friends Video.

  • Presenter

    V2.6 Teasing Shield Video. V2.7 Embedding 1 Video. V2.8 Embedding 2 Video. V2.9 Embedding 3 Video. V2.10 Taking Turns Video. V2.11 Asking for Help Video. V2.12 Peer Compliment Video. V2.13 Housekeeping is Full Video. V2.14 Extending Lessons Video.

  • The Basics

    V2.15 Responding To Video. V2.16 Teaching Tucker 1 Video. V2.17 Teaching Tucker 2 Video. V2.18 Teaching Tucker 3 Video. V2.19 Using the Solution Kit Video. V2.20 Problem Solving Video. V2.21 Peer Teaching Video. V2.22 Buddy Play Video. V2.23 Targeting Social Skills 1 Video. V2.24 Targeting Social Skills 2 Video. Individualized Intensive Interventions: Determining the Meaning of Challenging Behavior.

  • The Services We Provide

    Module 3a Presenter Script PDF. H3a.1 Module PPT. Handout H3a.2 PDF. Handout H3a.3 PDF. Handout H3a.4 PDF. Handout H3a.5 PDF. Handout H3a.6 PDF. Handout H3a.7 PDF. Handout H3a.8D PDF. Handout H3a.8P PDF. Handout H3a.8S PDF. Handout H3a.8SH PDF. Handout H3a.9 PDF. Inventory Practices PDF.