Thin Stone Panel

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The lightweight natural stone panels Stonesize, consists of a very thin layer of natural stone, reinforced by ultra-light composite compact materials such as honeycomb panels.

Less is More

Thus reducing the weight of dimensional stone by more than 80%, making it an ideal solution for applications such as: naval industry, residential and contract design. We improve the physico-mechanical properties of the natural stone combining different materials adapting them to each application. Thinner and Bigger: By reducing the thickness of natural stone our panels are able to perform at extreme lightweight without any risk of breakage thanks to the backing layer of ultracompact composite materials.

Performance Test

One of the main inconvenients associated with the use of dimensional natural stone in certain designs is its heavy weight. Stonesize Panels are extremely lightweight and guarantee a very high performance due to its composite lamination technology.

Thin Natural Stone Veneer Products