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If you are unsure how many cladding panels you need we can help you. Give us the dimensions of the walls or ceilings you are wanting to clad and we will happily tell you how many panels you need for the type of cladding you are looking to order.

The type of cladding you wish to order will dictate the quantity for your sized up project.

For example shower wall cladding comes in larger width sizes that usual.

These full sheets fit perfectly into an ensuite shower to make the job easy and watertight without seams.

Usual lengths are about 2700mm long but there are times such as on longer rooms where longer panels are needed.

For example, on wider room our 3000mm length ceiling cladding panels would be necessary to remove unnecessary joins in the finish.

If you are working it out yourself, don’t forget to order a few extra panels for any odd cuts or spares in case of mistakes.

It can sometimes be hard to match the colours precisely on panels at a later date due to extremely small variations during the manufacturing process of the cladding.

It is better to have a few extra to begin with of the same batch.

£55.00 per 3.6m cladding board
(Just £15.28 per linear metre!)

Classic Range
Traditional Sanded
Composite Cladding

Affordable cladding to smarten up your home.

£25.00 per 3.6m cladding board
(Just £6.94 per linear metre!)

Deluxe Range
Capped Woodgrain
Composite Cladding

Deep embossed boards for that authentic look.

£35.00 per 3.6m cladding board
(Just £9.72 per linear metre!)

Slatted Range
Capped Brushed
Composite Cladding

A truly striking statement for your home.

£55.00 per 3.6m cladding board
(Just £15.28 per linear metre!)

With so many different voices demanding your attention, it can be a little overwhelming trying to decide on a suitable covering for your exterior walls. We believe that composite cladding is the simplest and most effective way of protecting your walls whilst dramatically improving the aesthetics. Read on to find out more about NeoTimber’s composite cladding and why it’s the best solution for your home.




Give us a call on 01509 323 170. We’re here to give you helpful advice and inspiration about the right cladding solution for your needs. We have over a decade of experience selling composite cladding in the UK and can help with all aspects of your project, from material selection to installation advice.

See The Quality For Yourself

We are ecstatic about our composite cladding range, but fully understand you may need convincing. Order a free sample pack to check out the product, design and the quality for yourself! Just choose three samples and we will post them directly to you to get a better look.

Easy Installation

Our composite cladding has been specially designed by and for NeoTimber®, there’s no need for complicated fitting systems, we’ve made it to be as simple and straightforward to install as possible. Check out our full, comprehensive installation guide, complete with step-by-step diagrams in downloadable format for easy referral when installing.

Get An Estimate

NeoTimber’s composite cladding calculators take the time and stress away from calculating requirements for your composite cladding install. Armed with your cladding dimensions – you can get a quick and easy glimpse as to what materials your project will require, as well as gain a clear idea of the costs involved.

Need Inspiration?

Our cladding inspiration hub, complete with visualiser tool lets you play with ideas to find something suitable for you.

Composite Cladding Visualiser

Composite Cladding Gallery

Composite Cladding Colours

Composite Cladding Visualiser

Composite Cladding Gallery

Composite Cladding Colours

At NeoTimber®, our focus is upon providing excellent quality at affordable prices. Our industry insight has helped us to develop resilient products which enhance your home whilst protecting it. We are committed to providing an eco-friendly building material, giving you total peace of mind.

To us, it’s personal. We’re a family firm and we treat every one of our customers with respect and care. Our phone lines are open and waiting to answer your questions, provide advice and take your order. Our fully trained team are able to help and guide you to making the right choice for your cladding.