Thx Trustudio Pro Download

Posted on  by admin
  • HeSuVi is the most useful audio app I have ever used. It's EQ presets have elevated all of my headphones to new levels. The virtualization for surround has been fantastic for movies. Thank you Matt Gore!!!
  • I have a lower mid-range amp and headphones and HeSuVi really polishes the sound. There's lots of stuff to tweak if you want to. I also found a good combination in very little time when I was busy.
  • I created an account just to say how awesome this software is!It's like one of the essential apps that i have to install after clean installing the system.It works very nicely, easy to use, the guides or wiki are very helpful and easy to understand, and of course the community is also great.It has so much amazing VSS available to choose, very complete and for sure at least 1 or several of them are going to be great to your ears!
  • Outstanding performance for a free program. Just need to tweak a lil bit and you are good to go.
  • Best virtual surround software for PC, hands down.
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