Top 10 Generator

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The best portable generators will make the world of difference if you have a power outage. Right here, we’ve collated all the best portable generators for use at home including quiet generators, gas, and battery-powered generators too. There’s a lot of choice when it comes to the best portable generators and first, you’ll need to decide which type of power source you’d like. Gas generators will run for as long as you need them to, providing you keep topping them up with fuel.

It’s worth noting that gasoline generators are noisy though, and they can be quite smelly too. On the other hand, battery generators are quiet and won’t need any fuel, but they will need charging up so won’t provide endless power. The best portable generators for home don’t necessarily have to be really light, but if you need a generator for an RV or for on the go, you’ll want to consider its weight. Powerful portable generators will have an output of around 9,000 watts, making them pretty heavy.