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Before buying any generator, you should determine the power requirements of your home and your most essential large electric appliances. Refrigerators, air conditioning, sump or well pumps, medical devices, electric water heaters and portable space heaters will likely have the highest power draw and be most essential during power outages.

Many generator manufacturers have online wattage calculators to help you determine what size generator is the best fit for your home. You can also calculate this number yourself by finding the wattage rating label on each of your essential appliances. Many appliances will be labeled with “Starting Watts” and “Running Watts”, the former is the power-draw when the appliance first turns on, while the latter is the draw once it’s running.

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7. DuroStar DS1050 1050-Watt 2-Hp Air Cooled Gas Powered Portable Generator

If the Starting Watts are not listed you can usually multiply the Running Watts by three. Add up the Starting Watts for each appliance and multiply the total by 1.5 to create a margin of safety.

9. PRYMAX Portable Power Station, 300W Solar Generator

A small to medium size U.S. household averages a minimum of 5,000 to 7,500 watts, so many generators are sold with 7,500 to 10,000 watt outputs. Note: Some generators are listed by watt (W) and some by kilowatt (kW). A kilowatt is 1000 watts.

Two important considerations, once you’ve figured out your power needs, are the physical footprint of the generator and the amount of noise it makes. Whether you have a small yard or many acres of land, you’ll want the generator near to your home so the size and sound matter. The larger generators featured on our list are approximately 30 inches x 30 inches x 48 inches, while the smaller generators are closer to 24 inches x 24 inches x 36 inches.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code requires generators to be five feet or more away from openings such as doors and windows.


Smaller home generators are allowed as close as a minimum of 18 inches from an exterior wall, though you should always check local codes as they may differ from the NFPA’s standards. With the generator placed immediately outside of your home, you should also consider the noise level, measured in decibels (dB).

Most generators on our list average 60 to 70 dBs, for reference a vacuum cleaner is approximately 70 to 80 dBs. Home generators can be run by a variety of different fuel types, but all the ones on our list use either liquid propane (LP), natural gas (NG) or both. Those that can use both fuel types are easily converted, without tools, to be ready to burn whichever fuel is needed.

The advantages of propane are its affordability and that it burns “clean”, meaning it leaves little to no contamination. Some houses have a permanent propane tank, but propane is also available in smaller containers at grocery stores, hardwood stores and even gas stations.

Generators that run on natural gas can be directly tied to the home’s natural gas line, allowing practically limitless fuel without having to worry about running out. The disadvantages of natural gas are that it’s less energy-efficient than propane and will therefore produce less power, and that a homeowner is still dependent on the gas grid for backup power. In today’s world, technology has reached far beyond our expectations.

It is no secret that we have come to a fair distance from the old days of very noisy and big machines and appliances. Nowadays everything is portable, almost noiseless, and way advanced. The same rule applies to generators, a very basic need of today’s daily life. A generator is a machine used in emergencies as an alternative for power supply. The biggest issue with old conventional generators was that they were very big, noisy and emitted a lot of fumes.

8. Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Generator with Remote Electric Start

This caused distress in multiple forms. Now with exceptional technology, the generators have also gained a few perks of their own.

Best Home Generator FAQ

5. Quipall 4500DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator (CARB)

2. Sportsman GEN2000DF, 1400 Running Watts/2000 Starting Watts, Dual Fuel Powered Portable Generator

1. WEN DF1100T 11,000-Watt 120V/240V Dual Fuel Portable Generator

List Of Top 10 Best Quietest Generators

Generator buyer’s guide

4. A-iPower SUA4500 4,500-Watt Gasoline Powered Portable Generator Wheel Kit Included



What to look for when buying the best generator

More and more features and specs are added day by day. Today our basic concern is the noise issue.

So we will be looking at some of the quietest generators of this year.

Buyer’s Guide: All You Need to Know About The Best Home Generator

There is no such thing as a noiseless generator, but it is also true that new technology is released which manages to suppress a lot of noise pollution. This is called an Inverter Generator. Also equipped with the portability option, nowadays they are the most demanded kind in the market.

That is why a lot of companies have started launching portable inverter generators which produce way less noise than a conventional one. We have prepared a list for your convenience so that you can look and decide for yourself which one is best according to your needs.

Wattage: 4000 watts. Weight: 81.6 pounds. Warranty: 3 years. Wattage: 3500 watts. Weight: 109.1 pounds. Warranty: 3 years. Wattage: 2350 watts. Weight: 39 pounds. Warranty: 2 years . Wattage: 2000 watts.

6. Champion 1200-Watt Portable Generator

10 Best Generators on the Market for 2022.

Weight: 39.5 pounds. Warranty: 3 years. Wattage: 2200 watts. Weight: 46 pounds. Warranty: 3 years . Wattage: 2000 watts. Weight: 46 pounds. Warranty: 2 years. Wattage: 2200 watts. Weight: 352 pounds. Warranty: 3 years. Wattage: 2000 watts. Weight: 44.1 pounds. Warranty: 3 years. Wattage: 2200 watts. Weight: 54.6 pounds. Warranty: 2 years.

Wattage: 4500 watts. Weight: 104 pounds/span>. Warranty: 3 year. The first contender of our today’s list of “quietest generators” is model #100302 of the famous brand Champion Power Equipment.

It is an open frame inverter generator. Due to its low decibels, it’s known to be a very mellow generator in terms of noise. Due to its modified open frame technology, it is known to be 20% lighter in weight and 50% quieter than other generators of the same wattage. It has a very long run time of 17 hours. With its Parallel Ready technology, it can be connected easily with other inverters of 2800 watts or more. It also has a THD level of less than 3%.

3. Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Generator

10. Sungzu Portable Power Station 1000W, 1010Wh Portable Solar Generator

It has outlets including one 120V 30A for RV, two 120V 20A for households, and one 12V DC including a dual USB adapter. The extra accessory kit has a USB adapter, Oil funnel, Battery charging cables. Also CARB and EPA compliant. Brand: Champion Power Equipment.

Fuel type: Gasoline. Surge Wattage: 4000 watts. Running Wattage: 3500 watts. Engine: 4-Stroke Engine. Weight: 81.6 pounds. Dimensions (LxWxH): 20.5×17.9×17.7 inches. Noise level: 64 dB. Fuel Capacity: 2.9 gallons. Voltage: 120 volts. Frequency: 60 Hertz. Consumer Warranty: 3 years. Commercial Warranty: 1 year. It is very easy to start. Excellent power outage. Very low noise level. The handle is of poor quality.

No wheels were provided. Vibrates a lot. Some break down complaints. The second contender on this list of “quietest generators” is the iQ series model 7127 of brand “Generac”. It is an inverter, portable generator. It is very famous for being very quiet. Some even say that it is way quieter than the Honda inverter generators. The generator can be started through an Electric start with a power dial and a Recoil start.

Verdict and Our Recommendation For 2021

4. Champion Power Equipment 100692 2000-Watt

It has a run time of 8.9 hours at 50% load. Due to its frame design and advanced inverter technology, it is also called Ultra-Quiet. It is said to produce 40% more noise than Honda. Also has Power Rush advanced technology which produces 16% more power output than Honda.

It also has Economy Mode and Parallel Ready technology for more efficiency. The control panel has outlets including one 120V 20A 5-20R Duplex, one 120V 30A L5-30R Twist Lock, two USB outlets. Model: 7127 iQ3500. Fuel type: Gasoline. Surge Wattage: 3500 watts.

Running Wattage: 3000 watts. Engine: Generac OHV 4-Stroke Engine. Weight: 109.1 pounds. Dimensions (LxWxH): 23.7x18x21.7 inches. Noise level: below 60 dB. Fuel Capacity: 2.6 gallons.

Good Power Panel: DuroStar DS4000S Review

How does a generator work?

Voltage: 120 volts. Frequency: 60 Hertz. Consumer Warranty: 3 years. Commercial Warranty: 1 year. It has USB ports for multiple device charging. It has a Digital Smart LCD feature. A strong steel enclosure for protection, durability, and quiet. Low fuel consumption by engine. No wheels are given. A little heavy. Now we are moving towards the third candidate of this list of “quietest generators”.

It is the 56235i model of the WEN brand. It is also an inverter portable generator. It comes with some of the lowest decimals in the generator industry. These are some of the other features of this generator. It is ideal for using sensitive appliances and gadgets due to its clean power output.

It also has a Fuel Shutoff feature which elongates the generator life. It has a Total Harmonic Distortion of 1.2% at 100% load. It has a running time of 7 hours at ½ load. The panel is completed with two 3-prong 120V 14A NEMA 5-20R receptacles, one 12V 8.3A DC receptacle, and two 5V USB ports outlets.

Conventional or inverter

Usable location

The Eco-Mode Switch is also available for efficient fuel consumption. It’s so quiet that the noise level can be compared to a normal conversation sound. Fuel type: Gasoline. Surge Wattage: 2350 watts. Running Wattage: 1900 watts. Engine: 4-Stroke OHV Engine. Weight: 39 pounds. Dimensions (LxWxH): 17.3×11.5×17.5 inches. Noise level: 51 dB.

Fuel Capacity: 1 gallon. Voltage: 120 Volt. Frequency: 60 Hertz. Consumer Warranty: 2 years. Commercial Warranty: 1 year. It is super lightweight. Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) is low. Low fuel and low oil shutdown feature available. Needs to be grounded. The Champion Power Equipment 100692 is the fourth option on this list of ” quietest generators”.

This is also categorized as a portable and inverter generator. Below there are some other characteristics you might want to know about. It is powered up using Recoil start. The Cold Start Technology is also present. It is considered the lightest generator in the 2000 watt range in the market. It has a run time of about 11.5 hours on a 25% load.

Run time

Editor’s Choice: DuroMax XP12000EH Review

It also has the Parallel Ready feature. The Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) is less than 3% producing clean power for using sensitive appliances also. This generator also has Economy Mode as well as a low oil shutdown feature.

The accessory box consists of engine oil, battery charging cables, a USB adapter, and an oil funnel. It is also CARB compliant and EPA approved. Brand: Champion Power Equipment.

Fuel type: Gasoline. Surge Wattage: 2000 watts. Running Wattage: 1700 watts. Engine: 4-Stroke OHV Engine. Weight: 39.5 pounds. Dimensions (LxWxH): 17.3×11.5×17.7 inches. Noise level: 58 dB. Fuel Capacity: 10.5 gallons. Voltage: 120 volts. Frequency: 60 Hertz. Consumer Warranty: 3 years. It’s easy to use and set up. Technical support is for a lifetime.

2. Generac 7127 iQ3500

Can I Run My Generator All Night?

A good investment value. Fuel gauge not included. No automatic Fuel Shutdown. Electric start is also unavailable. The model iGen2200 generator of the Westinghouse brand is one of the most top reviewed generators.

That is why we have put it at the fifth stage of our list “quietest generators”. It is a very quiet portable inverter generator. Below are some other important details you need to know about it.

This generator is 30% to 50% more fuel-efficient than other traditional generators. It has only 2x120V 20 Amp outlets and 2xUSB outlets. It has a running time of about 12 hours. It also has features like Economy-Mode and Parallel combine which enables the generator to connect with Westinghouse WH2200iXLT, iGen1200, iGen2200, and iGen2500.

The Most Quiet Home Generator: WEN 56200i Review

Power Requirements

This increases the power output of the generator more. It also has features like power overload protection and low oil shutdown for protection and durability. It also has a built-in carry handle for easy portability. This generator is CARB compliant. Brand: Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment.

Model: iGen 2200. Fuel type: Gasoline. Surge Wattage: 2200 watts. Running Wattage: 1800 watts. Engine: 4-Stroke OHV Westinghouse engine. Weight: 46 pounds.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 19.8×11.4×17.9 inches. Noise level: 52 dB. Fuel Capacity: 1.2 gallons. Voltage: 120 volts. Frequency: 60 Hertz. Consumer Warranty: 3 years. It is very user-friendly. Can be transported very quickly. Low fuel consumption by engine.

10. Briggs & Stratton 30795 P4500

How To Choose The Best Home Generator

All the outlets are covered with rubber. Not ideal for rough or grass surfaces. A little noisy. The A-iPower SUA2000iV is the sixth contender in our top 10 list of “quietest generators”.

It can easily be found locally. It is also one of the most demanded quiet generators in the market. Below are some other important details you need to know about it. This generator has a pull start. It is a very lightweight generator with a built-in carry handle for easy transportation. It has advanced Inverter Technology for producing very clean power.

It also has Low Idle Mode Technology. Its running time becomes 9 hours at 50% load. Normally its run time is 7 hours at 50% load and 4 hours at 100% load. It also has features like automatic Low Oil Shutoff and Low Oil Alert Light making the generator more long-lasting.

10. Honda EU2200i Portable Inverter Generator

4. Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Inverter

Brand: A-iPower. Model: SUA2000iV. Fuel type: Gasoline. Surge Wattage: 2000 watts. Running Wattage: 1600 watts. Engine: 4-Stroke Senci Engine. Weight: 46 pounds. Dimensions (LxWxH): 22x13x20 inches. Noise level: 58 dB. Fuel Capacity: 1.1 gallons.

Voltage: 120 volts. Frequency: 60 Hertz. Consumer Warranty: 2 years. Commercial Warranty: 1 year. One of the quietest inverter generators. A gas gauge is also present. A larger fuel tank provides a longer running time. The engine has a separate on/off for convenience. Very clean power. Not a very powerful generator.

3. WEN 56200i Portable Inverter Generator

Best Overall: DuroMax DuroMax XP4850EH Review

Are Home Generators Worth It?

1. Champion Power Equipment 100165 Dual Fuel Generator

Fuel Type

  • 8. WEN DF1100T Dual Fuel Portable Generator

  • 9. Sportsman Dual Fuel Powered Portable Generator

  • 7. Westinghouse WH2200iXLT

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