Top Portable Generators 2020

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HomeEnergy & PowerThe Best Portable Generator 2020 Consumer Reports: How To. We’ll say it outright- power outages suck. That is especially true if you live in a place that experiences frequent power outages. Most of the appliances we base our daily activities on are powered by electricity, and a lot can go wrong if they don’t get powered for some time.

7 Best Portable Generator Reviews To Buy In 2020

However, all modern problems have modern solutions, and the best way to get back up power is with a generator. For most people, portable generators are the best because they are easy to lug around. If you’re looking for one, your best bet is to go for the best portable generator possible, so here is a list of the top seven (7) portable generator reviews on the market right now. Running watt: 1,700. Runtime: 8hrs . Castors wheels: No. Tank size: 1 gallons . Weight: 55 pounds . Dimension: 22.4 x 14.4 x 19.9inches.

Surge Watts:3,400
Running Watts:3,100
Run Time @ 1/4 Load:7.5 hrs
Noise Level:59 dB
Voltage Rating:120
Weight:95.7 lbs

7 Best Whole House Generator Reviews for Homes

Running watt: 3,500. Runtime: 8hrs . Castors wheels: Yes. Tank size: Non specified . Weight: 55 pounds . Dimension: 24 x 17 x 17inches. Running watt: 3,400. Runtime: 8.5hrs . Castors wheels: Yes. Tank size: 0.7 gallon . Weight: 111 pounds . Dimension: 23.2 x 18 x 20.1 inches. Running watt: 3,500. Runtime: Not specified. Castors wheels: Yes. Tank size: 4.7 gallon . Weight: 145 pounds . Dimension: 28.5 x 21.1 x 20.7 inches. Running watt: 3,500. Runtime: 8.1hrs. Castors wheels: No. Tank size: 0.95gallon. Weight: 46.5 pounds . Dimension: 20.7 x 19.3 x 12.1 inches.

Surge Watts:2,200
Running Watts:2,200
Run Time @ 1/2 Load:4.05 hrs
Noise Level:62 dB
Voltage Rating:120
Weight:46.5 lbs

Types of Generator and Fuel Source

Running watt: 4,500. Runtime: 7.5hrs. Castors wheels: No. Tank size: 3.4gallon . Weight: 121.2 pounds . Dimension: 26.2 x 17.7 x 19.7 inches. Running watt: 5,500. Runtime: 10hrs. Castors wheels: No. Tank size: 7.2gallon. Weight: 180 pounds . Dimension: 28.8 x 26.8 x 25 inches. There are a ton of reviews about portable generators out there, but very few give accurate information about what to look out for when procuring one of these backup machines.

Surge Watts:10,000
Running Watts:8,000
Run Time @ 1/2 Load:8 hrs
Noise Level:74 dB
Voltage Rating:120/240
Weight:209 lbs

Wrapping It Up

Read on to find out manufacturers’ secrets and top things to note when getting a portable generator. But first, let’s dig into our top picks. The Briggs & Stratton P2200 made this list because it does two basic things well- it is super portable so that makes it handy camping equipment, tailgating tool, and DIY buddy. It is capable of running for up to 8 hours on a full one-gallon tank, provided it’s not powering any equipment that requires more than 2200 watts.

Surge Watts:11,050
Running Watts:9,000
Run Time @ 1/2 Load:9.5 hrs
Noise Level:78 dB
Voltage Rating:120/240
Weight:218 lbs

How to Pick the Best Whole House Generator for Your House

To conserve fuel and prolong runtime, it features an overload alert system that changes the engine speed automatically, which in turn helps it run as quietly as possible. The Briggs and Stratton P2200 is designed like a hefty fuel can, so it is lightweight enough to be carried by one person. If you want to share the load, the H-handle design makes it easy for two people to grab one handle each and you’ll be good to go.

Surge Watts:12,500
Running Watts:9,500
Run Time @ 1/2 Load:12 hrs
Noise Level:74 dB
Voltage Rating:120/240
Weight:220 lbs

How To Find the Best Home Portable Generators

These features are bare minimum but we respect that the Briggs and Stratton do what it says on the pack. In this age of aggressive marketing, it is not uncommon to find products that do nothing close to what they claim to be capable of doing on the pack. The Briggs and Stratton features two (2) 120V-20A household and one (1) 12V-20A DC outlet, plus USB a port that allows you to charge mobile devices easily, so you don’t have to worry about packing adapters or extension boxes.

Surge Watts:11,500
Running Watts:9,200
Run Time @ 1/2 Load:10 hrs
Noise Level:74 dB
Voltage Rating:120/240
Weight:213 lbs

Best Portable Generator Comparsion Table

The machine produces less than 3 percent harmonic distortion, which is relatively low compared to other generators, so it is safe for use with TVs or game consoles. Also, with the 59-decibel performance volume, this generator operates quietly than most. It also features a parallel connector port so you can share power with another 120V outlet, so you can say yes if Brad from the other tent asks you to share some power.

Surge Watts:9,500
Running Watts:7,500
Run Time @ 1/4 Load:16 hrs
Noise Level:52 dB
Voltage Rating:120/240
Weight:194 lbs

The Best Whole House Generator Comparison

However, this generator does not have a push-to-start button. Instead, it features a recoil cable that you may have to pull twice before you get a response but hey, that’s good exercise, no? It is comforting to know that Briggs and Stratton added a 2-year warranty, but we have to say that it is one year lesser than what most of the other brands offer. The DuroMax XP44400E is not the most portable generator of all, but its output matches up to its size so we’ll let that slide.

Surge Watts:4,750
Running Watts:3,800
Run Time @ 1/2 Load:9 hrs
Noise Level:68 dB
Voltage Rating:120
Weight:119 lbs

4. Champion 100554 Wireless Remote Start Portable Generator

Besides, it is designed with two collapsible handles and heavy-duty dual 180-degree tires so that moving the generator is not too difficult. With a powerful 7HP engine, this generator is capable of powering heavy home appliances without flinching. Got a refrigerator? An air conditioner? A water heater? This bad boy can power all so you don’t have to be without the appliances that give you comfort. Its 4400 starting wattage ensures that, but keep in mind that it levels to a steady 3500 watts when it’s on continuous run.

Surge Watts:10,000
Running Watts:8,000
Run Time @ 1/2 Load:11 hrs
Noise Level:70 dB
Voltage Rating:120/240
Weight:198 lbs

7. Generac 5939 Gas Powered Generator

Like the Briggs and Stratton that we reviewed earlier, this generator can power 2 120V outlets, and a voltage regulator that lets you select between a one-way 240V mode and a 120V split-mode. You can operate this generator on a single full tank of four gallons for up to 8 hours, provided that it’s only powering 50 percent load. It has a sturdy steel frame built around the engine, so that eliminates the rattling noise that most generators with this design emit.

Surge Watts:3,000
Running Watts:2,000
Run Time:5.6 hrs
Noise Level:0 dB
Voltage Rating:120
Weight:44 lbs

However, it is still not the quietest machine of all, with a noise output of about 69 dB even when it is powering only a quarter if its load capacity.

6. WEN 56500 Portable Generator