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Hey guys, Typing Tamil language is very easy. Don’t you believe me?

  • Just follow the steps given below and then ask yourself if it was easy or not!

Type the words in english which you want to convert in Tamil. Put space after every word, if you won’t put the space then it will not convert into Tamil.

You can use all the special characters from the bar above the content box. Copying a paragraph and pasting it here doesn’t work, so please keep this in mind while typing on typing monster.

So, I hope it is easy for you now, Let’s dive deep into the importance and other details about Tamil language. Tamil is the official language of India as well as Singapore and Sri lanka. Tamil was derived from Proto-Dravidian language and is known as it’s descendant.

Earliest Tamil inscriptions are found to be of 2nd century BC. It is the most ancient Non-Sanskrit Indian literature. Tamil is declared as the classical language of India in 2004. Tamil is spoken by more than 80 million people all over the world and mostly in 3 countries given above.


It comes from the Dravidian language family. It is one of the 4 most spoken southern languages i.e. Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam. The most spoken Dravidian language is Telugu while the most oldest language is Tamil. If you’re amazed by the sweetness if Telugu language the do check English to Telugu typing converter. Tamil language is of 3 types:. Old tamil language is the language spoken during 3rd to 8th century BC.

Use of English to Tamil converter

As the name suggests, It is the oldest form of Tamil language. Sangam literature is a literature written in Old Tamil which is still present. Middle Tamil is the median between the Old and Modern Tamil and had few grammatical changes when compared to Old Tamil language.

Importance of Tamil language

It was used till 11th century. The modern Tamil language has many changes as compared to Old Tamil and is spoken nowadays. Tamil language has a wide range of dialects spread all over the states or countries.

It is divided on socioeconomic as well as geographic basis.