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What to Know

  • Learning has never been so easy! Here how to convert a older Ricoh address book .UDF to be compatible to a newer model.
  • Importing The Address Book Using a CSV file.Install Smart Dev.
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What Is a UDF File?

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I realize this is about a year old but some thing has been working for us is to just do a backup and restore to the new Ricoh machine. Using the Smart Device Monitor for Admin has not failed me yet. This can also work through the Web interface by logging, admin and no password, going to address book, and click Maintenance if it is there.

The Web interface has failed on the restore process for me and that is when I use the Smart Device Monitor for Admin. Thanks for your exaustive description. Beside that I still have on question: what is the csv colun that matches the available functions of the user in the address book configuration available in the web interface?

The tools mentioned above have been discontinued. Ricoh now offers Device manager Nx light.http://support.ricoh.com/html_gen/util/DM/DM.html One feature NX Lite has that most older Ricoh's don't, is allowing a user to backup the address book as a CSV.

How to Open a UDF File

When using the printers interface to backup the address book, it only allows UDF. I found a version of the software which seems to be working, my anti virus did flag a couple files as harmful *shrugs* seems alright though.

HiAny better instructions for this?I've downloaded the latest app - dev manager NX lite but not sure how to import.thanks. Posted by6 years ago. I have inherited a string of Ricoh MP C2550s that are being switched out for new Xerox machines. Ricoh's address books are in, apparently encrypted, UDF files which are useless as they are.

The Xerox machines can only import csv files. Does anyone have experience in converting between the two? From research (google) I have found that Ricoh has a discontinued tool that can do it if the machines are networked - most are no longer.

I will attempt this on the one remaining networked Ricoh (due to this issue - scanning is absolutely required for it), however, if that fails I'd like to abstain from manual reentry.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

How to Convert a UDF File

While the UDF format is widely used for storing data on discs, converting the file format to a media file format is not how you want to go about this. For example, if you want to "convert" UDF to MP4 or ISO, it's best to use a video file converter or a DVD ripping program.

Consider a disc that you want to be saved as an ISO or in a video format like MPEG. The best way to get this done if you need the data in the ISO format is to use a program like BurnAware.

Need your UDF content to be in a video file format? You can rip the content off of a disc and store it in a playable format like MP4 or AVI using a program like Freemake Video Converter.

To convert UDF to CSV, if you have a Ricoh address book file, requires the SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin software from Ricoh. As mentioned above, that software is no longer available from that company but you might be able to use it normally from the download link above, or with Device Manager NX Lite.

If you're looking for a file system converter that can convert UDF to NTFS or FAT32, for example, try formatting the partition with Disk Management. Keep in mind that some devices will not support every possible file system.

Still Can't Open Your File?

If your file doesn't open as described above, then it's most likely not a Universal Disk Format file or an Excel User Defined Function file. Instead, you probably have something that doesn't even end in UDF.

For example, the PDF format is really popular and is spelled in almost the exact same way as UDF. However, PDF files can't open with UDF openers, and neither can a UDF file be used with a PDF viewer.

The same concept applies to many other formats and extensions, like UD files that are OmniPage User Dictionary files used with the OmniPage software; DAZ User files that use the DUF suffix; and MagicISO's Universal Image Format that utilizes the UIF file extension.

The point here is to double-check the file extension. There's a good chance that you're dealing with a similarly spelled, but entirely different file format that should be treated as such. Research the extension of your specific file to find which programs can open or convert it.

  • Who maintains UDF?

    Optical Storage Technology Association (OSTA) created the UDF standard and continues to maintain it to this day.

  • UDF 2.60 is the latest version of the UDF standard. It supports Blu-ray and is used by most modern operating systems.