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Vue features a range of various screens, allowing you to customise your movie experience. Vue has over 850 screens throughout its sites, including 3D screens, extreme screens, gold class screens, scene screens and bars, and the renowned IMAX theatre screen.

All of Vue's films are displayed in stunning 4K Sony Digital Cinema, providing patrons with ultra high definition images and excellent Dolby ATMOS surround sound. It's almost as good as being inside the movie, with highly vivid colours and floor-shaking sound quality!While constantly playing the most anticipated blockbusters of the time, Vue also shows a wide range of other films and movies to appeal to almost everyone.

If you don't enjoy high-action, fast-paced action films like Fast and Furious 9 or goofy dramas like Peter Rabbit 2, Vue also offers ballet, national theatre, operas, musicals, and live streaming events like eGaming championships.

Vue takes pride in providing a diverse selection of films in their theatres.Vue is focused about giving you that big-screen experience.

Their cutting-edge theatres feature a slew of quality and amazing technologies to improve your viewing experience.

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The basic stepped seating at Vue is intended to bring you closer to the action on screen. Their stadium-style seating ensures that you never miss a second of the action. If you're feeling fancy, you may upgrade to a reclining seat, which allows for complete attention and relaxation by kicking back and selecting the ideal viewing angle.

Yes, your seat can be reclined all the way back. Want to take it a step further? Upgrade to a VIP seat for the ultimate in Vue luxury and enjoy.

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