Vantage Vue Davis Not Transmitting

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If you have a working weather station, and it stops working, here are some things to check:. If so, make sure the console has fresh batteries and is plugged into power. If so, check the batteries in your Wireless Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) outside.Try reconnecting the ISS to the console.

See the console manual for details on how to do that.

Vantage Vue User Manual

  1. Vantage Pro 2 User Manual
  2. Make sure the console is powered and is displaying weather data.
  3. Make sure the WeatherLink-IP is plugged in properly and the ethernet cable is properly connected. Check the green LED on the WeatherLink-IP. It should be flashing if communications are going on.

Make sure the Davis WeatherLink Live (DWL-LIVE) is plugged in properly and, if you are connecting it via ethernet, make sure the cable is properly connected. See if the internet connection is really working. Try connecting something else to it.

Use the WeatherLink app and click on the icon that looks like the outline of a person.

  1. That should list the devices you have, including your WeatherLink Live device.
  2. If the WeatherLink Live device you named previously shows up, click on it and check the settings.
  3. If no WeatherLink Live shows up, click on the Add button next to the words WeatherLink Live and set it up again. Note: You will get to choose whether you want to connect the WeatherLink Live to the internet via ethernet cable or via Wi-Fi.
  4. After you have the WeatherLink Live set up, click Configure Stations to specify the exact type of weather station you have and its ID number. If you have a Davis console, check to see if it is displaying weather data.

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