Vantage Vue Manual

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Table of Contents. Console Features: Keyboard & Display. Vantage Vue System Installation Steps. Powering the Console. Installing Batteries. Installing the AC Power Adapter (Optional). Console Location. Table & Shelf Placement. Setup Mode Commands. Screen 1: Time & Date.

  • Using Your Weather Station

    Screen 2: Time Zone.

  • Installing the Console

    Screen 3: Daylight Saving Settings.

  • Welcome to Vantage Vue

    Screen 4: Daylight Saving Status.

  • Appendix A: Weather Data

    Screen 5: Active Transmitters.

  • Appendix A Weather Data

    Screen 6: Configuring Transmitter Ids.

  • Appendix C: Wireless Repeater Configuration

    Screen 7: Retransmit.

Using Your Weather Station

Console Features: Keyboard & Display