Vibration Hour Meter

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Vibration Activated Hour Meters
GDI's N151 Vibration activated hour meters now offer two options designed to fit the need of different industries and applications:
N151-0101 Hour Meter: This vibration hour meter features a high triggering threshold and is perfect for heavy-duty industrial applications. Equipment like plate compactors or hydraulic breaking equipment are perfect for this hour meter.
N151-0103 Hour Meter: The wireless vibration activated hour meter that the motocross and off-road markets have been waiting for. Wireless installation and smart activation that does not count trailered road travel. The N151 vibration activated hour meter delivers accurate run time of your machine, no false triggering and a 10 year battery life.
Both these hour meters are fully epoxy potted and can withstand heat, moisture, and extreme vibration. Simply select the hour meter most appropriate for your application, mount to your equipment and go. Tracking equipment usage has never been easier. FEATURES
  • I was skeptical about this meter after reading some of the reviews, I very happy that I bought it.
  • It came with zero hours on the meter as expected and has a small tab that you remove once mounted.
  • It starts adding hours only after the tab is removed.
  • I have it mounted on a Porter Cable vertical oil bath/piston air compressor. It works as expected and has been accurately counting hours since installed.
  • I've only observed it working while the compressor is running, not "when a bus drives by" like some reviews I read.
  • The cost of the meter is small when compared to the cost of the compressor.
  • It's cheap insurance and helps me to track maintenance on the motor.
  • I have a similar meter installed on my Honda generator but it uses a signal off the spark plug wire, same brand/manufacture and its been working great for several years.
  • I expect the same from this unit.
  • 5.0 out of 5 starsVerified PurchaseEarly Reviewer Rewards. Wonderful value for a necessary dirt bike item.
  • Reviewed in the United States on September 17, 2018.
  • After careful review of wired (coil wrapped) and vibration sensing gauges, I chose to purchase the Runleader HM016B for my 2015 Husqvarna FC250 dirt bike.
  • The meter includes a 3M tape backing and has holes/slots for additional zip-tie fasteners.
  • Installation is simple:..See more.
  • After careful review of wired (coil wrapped) and vibration sensing gauges, I chose to purchase the Runleader HM016B for my 2015 Husqvarna FC250 dirt bike.
  • The meter includes a 3M tape backing and has holes/slots for additional zip-tie fasteners.
  • Installation is simple: affix to the frame near the engine.
  • Operation is pretty straightforward as well: once tethered, the meter will track usage hours.
  • Reviewing usage, total and trip, however, is not as easy and will require reading (and holding on to) the instructions printed on the cardboard back of the package.
  • Like most single button gadgets nowadays, the user will need to be able to press and hold the button, wait three seconds then press again, etc.
Equipment manufacturers all recognize the importance of performing preventive maintenance. Basic maintenance extends the life of equipment and reduces operating costs and down time due to equipment failure. Flash Alert service alarms make it simple to track maintenance needs and be sure that services are performed at the correct time.
Flash Alert service alarms can be tailored to specific applications and up to 3 service alarms can be programmed into GDI's NewGen LCD hour meter series. Some of the messages available include:
  • Not difficult, but a couple more buttons would have been a nice addition.
  • Still, it comes down to price, and at this price point, the meter seems to be doing what its designed for.
  • Time will tell if it holds up to water, mud, heat, braaps and growls from a European bike!
  • 5.0 out of 5 starsVerified PurchaseEarly Reviewer Rewards.
  • Good easy to use vibration activated run timer.
  • Great easy to use run timer.
  • Strapped onto Air compressor whit cable ties to monitor run time between service.
  • No wires or setup, vibration triggers the counter.
  • water proof all sealed unit so you cant replace battery, but its seems very robust and works great.
  • Amazon Customer.
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  • Flash Alert programming - informs user "What to Service & When"
  • Key Kancel - Manual reset via key or wand
  • Input Reset - User toggles input for reset
  • Custom Pad Printing
  • Custom Bezels
  • Terminations: Wire, stud, screw, or spade
  • Packaging: Blister cards, individual box kits, bulk trays, poly bagged, or special kits
  • Custom Logos and programming available
All dimensions in inches. To print figures individually, right-click on the image and save to your local computer.
1. Find a convenient mounting location. DO NOT mount over magnetic surfaces. DO NOT mount meter where surface temperature exceeds 125 degrees F. As a general guideline, if you can place your hand on the mounting surface without discomfort while equipment is at full operating temperature, then it's not too hot for the meter.
2. Use drill template (Fig. 1) to locate mounting holes. CAUTION: DO NOT DRILL INTO GAS TANKS OR ENGINE CRANKCASE. If in doubt, contact your dealer.
3. Mounting will determine sensitivity of the meter. In most applications, the appropriate mounting sensitivity can be easily achieved. See Fig. 2 for mounting sensitivity options.
CAUTION: Only qualified personnel should make electrical connections. Disconnect power prior to working on electrical circuits. Failure to follow normal electrical guidelines may result in damage to equipment and/or serious bodily injury.
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