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Default: { compilerOptions :{ whitespace: 'condense' } }. Note { whitespace: 'condense' } behavior. A whitespace-only text node between element tags is removed if it contains new lines.

  • Otherwise, it is condensed into a single space.
  • Consecutive whitespaces inside a non-whitespace-only text node are condensed into a single space.
  • Using condense mode will result in smaller compiled code size and slightly improved performance.
  • However, it will produce minor visual layout differences compared to plain HTML in certain cases,if you want to keep whitespace behavior, please set { whitespace: 'preserve' }.
  • The options for @vue/component-compiler-utils.

Step #6: Update Environment Variables

  • Type: BooleanDefault: false. The options for jsx transform.
  • The options for @vue/babel-preset-jsx. The options for esbuild to transform script code.
  • latest (16 days ago) . @MarvinRudolph Yeah, but I couldn't find typescript listed in package-lock.json under vite or @vue/compiler-sfc or rollup* so that's why I was curious how the magic was working.


  1. Anyway, tried your suggestion and here is what I did, achieving partial success:.
  2. // app created// renamed main.js to main.ts// changed index.html script tag to:.
  3. In the HellowWorld.vue file created by vite I defined a type SomeType and a function using it I also added