Vue App Template

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Applies to: Visual Studio Visual Studio for Mac

In this 5-10 minute introduction to the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE), you create and run a simple Vue.js frontend web application.


Make sure to have the following installed:

  • VueJS is quickly growing in popularity among developers, and the VueJS admin template is its most popular category.
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Create your app

  1. Thanks to the clever and genius software developers, getting started with web applications is simpler, more accessible and fun.

  2. VueJS is a Javascript framework funded by the community on Patreon back then. Today, you may be surprised how this framework hit the market and has become one of web developers’ favorite JavaScript tools.

  3. Moreover, popular brands trust their web apps with Vue.

Set the project properties

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  2. Meanwhile, the existence of admin templates is incredibly worthwhile and effective.

Build Your Project

Choose Build > Build Solution to build the project.

Start Your Project

Press F5 or select the Start button at the top of the window, and you'll see a command prompt:

  • These templates are precious and make it easier for developers to build an application’s backend UI.

    Fellow developers will find it hard to kickstart projects immediately without these templates.

    Building the UI for your admin dashboards will be a breeze with this set of admin templates and the ready-to-use components, pages, and elements.

Next, you should see the base Vue.js app appear!

Next steps

For ASP.NET Core integration: