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With previous posts, we’ve known how to build Authentication and Authorization in a Vue.js 3 + Vuex Application.

In this tutorial, I will continue to show you way to implement Vue 3 Refresh Token with Axios Interceptors and JWT.

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Vue 2 version: Vue Refresh Token with Axios and JWT example.

The diagram shows flow of how we implement Vue 3 + Vuex JWT Refresh Token example.

– A refreshToken will be provided at the time user signs in.

– A legal JWT must be added to HTTP Header if Client accesses protected resources.

– With the help of Axios Interceptors, Vue App can check if the accessToken (JWT) is expired (401), sends /refreshToken request to receive new accessToken and use it for new resource request.

Let’s see how the Vue Refresh Token example works with demo UI.

– User signs in with a legal account first.

– Now the user can access resources with provided Access Token.

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