Vue Axios Post Form Data

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Implementing file uploads is a common backend task. But how do you test file uploadendpoints?

Add Axios and Bootstrap Packages

Don't worry, Axios makesit easy. Suppose your Express server has a /upload endpoint that uses Formidable tohandle form uploads.

Below is an example endpoint that just sends thepath of the uploaded file back.

Install Vuelidate Library

Modern browsers have a built-in FormData class that you can use togenerate HTTP POST bodies formatted in the same way as if you submitted an HTML form.

You canthen pass the FormData class instance transparently toAxios' post() function.

Node.js doesn't have a built-in FormData class, you need to use theform-data npm module.

The form-data npm module also supports Node.js streams. Vue JS Form Validation Tutorial; Form validation is a significant part of web application development, and it protects from malicious users, security vulnerabilities, and web form abuse.

This tutorial will teach you how to implement form validation in the Vue js application using the Vuelidate package. We will create a basic form with name, email, phone, password fields; we will implement required password confirmation, valid email type, and minimum and maximum characters validation.

Apart from validating a form, we will also describe how eloquently handle form data with Axios HTTP client; here are the key points we address in this vue form validation example. Create a simple contact form . Design form using bootstrap. Integrate form validation using v-model. Create fake REST API to store form object or data.

Submit form data to the server using event handler and Axios. Step 1: Set Up Vue CLI Tool.

Step 2: Install Vue Project. Step 3: Add Axios and Bootstrap Packages.