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Learn how to make POST requests in Vue.js. In front-end development, you’ll often make POST requests when submitting a form. I’ve already described how to make a GET request in Vue.js.

We’ll be using axios, a promise based HTTP client for the browser and node.js, to make this API request. You should replace '/user' with your own URL. Alternatively, you can perform a POST request in axios by passing config to your request.

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Introduction to Vue.js Axios

In the example above, we’re using JavaScript Promises for the eventual completion of the request.

  • To save your development time, you can move your app’s base URL to a separate config file.
  • And make it change automatically for development and production sites.
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POST/api/tutorialscreate new Tutorial
GET/api/tutorialsretrieve all Tutorials
GET/api/tutorials/:idretrieve a Tutorial by :id
PUT/api/tutorials/:idupdate a Tutorial by :id
DELETE/api/tutorials/:iddelete a Tutorial by :id
DELETE/api/tutorialsdelete all Tutorials
GET/api/tutorials?title=[keyword]find all Tutorials which title contains keyword

Modified4 months ago. I am trying to post my form using axios, but I am not able to get the data to my backend using expressjs.

This is what I am doing:. The error I am receiving is: . 44 gold badges1919 silver badges3333 bronze badges. 3333 bronze badges. Axios post format: .

POST request using axios with async/await

Your request should be: . Fiddle:

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Below is a quick set of examples to show how to send HTTP POST requests from Vue to a backend API using the axios HTTP client which is available on npm.

Other HTTP examples available:.

  • Vue + Axios: GET.
  • Vue + Fetch: GET, POST.

Simple POST request with a JSON body using axios

React + Fetch: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE. React + Axios: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE. Angular: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE. Blazor WebAssembly:GET, POST.



With the npm CLI: npm install axios. With the yarn CLI: yarn add axios. This sends an HTTP POST request to the Reqres api which is a fake online REST api that includes a generic /api/ route that responds to POST requests for any with the contents of the post body and a dynamic id property.

This example sends an article object to the /api/articles route and then assigns the id from the response to the vue component data property articleId so it can be displayed in the component template.

  • Example Vue component at
  • This sends the same POST request from Vue using axios, but this version uses an async function and the await javascript expression to wait for the promises to return (instead of using the promise then() method as above).
  • Example Vue component at
  • This sends a POST request from Vue using axios to an invalid url on the api then assigns the error message to the errorMessage component state property and logs the error to the console.
  • Example Vue component at
  • This sends the same POST request again from Vue using axios with a couple of headers set, the HTTP Authorization header and a custom header My-Custom-Header.
Example Vue component at Vue.js Axios is defined as an HTTP client request for the node and the browser.

POST request using axios with error handling

Axios can be done with simple JavaScript or React and Vue.

  • Axios is an Excellent HTTP library that executes on both client and a server, which makes an API request, does the task to produce the result and specifies easier concepts to read and debug.
  • Vue.js is the front-end JavaScript Framework to build tools and libraries.
  • The Axios works well in the platform like node.js and browsers.

Vue.js Axios is a leading framework to Consume REST APIs is easy with them.

Here all the example code is executed in Visual Studio Code with Node.js.

The Structure is given as :.

POST request using axios with set HTTP headers

Using Simple GET request. Vue lacks a built-in HTTP library, so Axios library is recommended to keep interaction with REST API.

So here in this article, we have used JSON PLACEHOLDER API to take a few sample data for the application. Generally, Axios makes HTTP requests like GET, POST, PUT, DELETE.

The methods includes axios.get() and

Installing axios from npm

Axios has good benefits like supports older versions of browsers, JSON package transformations, and supports the upload process.

The Following working Steps to be followed:.

A real-life example of POST request in Vuex

1.Installation- Axios. 2.Creating Vue.js App to start vue CLI app.

  • To install vue-Axios (HTTP Client), the following command is used:.
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Examples of Vue.js Axios

The following sample code is reflected in main.js. To run a Vue app. This directs to http://localhost:8080. Installing Vue Dependencies.

The next step is to create Components; it is done like src -> Components and adds the code inside the component files.

Finally, the sample demonstration is given in Example 1.

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Making a POST request in Vue.js