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Wrapping it up

I'm trying to use Jest with VueJS, however I'm getting Cannot find module 'babel-core' at Object. (node_modules/vue-jest/lib/compilers/babel-compiler.js:1:15).

The only way I could fix this was adding . Then test pass, but I do not want to keep the 'beta' version in my package.json, and it is weird to have @babel/core and babel-core together, knowing they are the same package in different versions.


I see the error seems to be in Vue-Jest, but it is already in last version. Below is my current package.json that breaks (without "babel-core": "^7.0.0-beta.47").


Any help would be appreciated. 11 gold badge55 silver badges2222 bronze badges. 2222 bronze badges. Zaan ChiZaan Chi. All transformations will use your local configuration files.

babel.transform(code: string, options?: Object, callback: Function). Transforms the passed in code. Calling a callback with an object with the generated code,source map, and AST. In Babel 6, this method was synchronous and transformSync did not exist.

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  • config.rule('js')
  • config.rule('js').use('babel-loader')