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Install Node.js on Windows: This includes a version manager, package manager, and Visual Studio Code.

Writing Custom Templates from Scratch

The Node Package Manager (npm) is used to install Vue.js. Open a command line (ie.

Custom Templates

Windows Command Prompt or PowerShell). Create a new project folder: mkdir VueProjects and enter that directory: cd VueProjects.

Official Templates

Install Vue.js using Node Package Manager (npm):. To install Vue.js using a CDN, rather than NPM, see the Vue.js install docs.

vue build

See the Vue docs for an Explanation of different Vue builds.


Microsoft Learn online course: Take your first steps with Vue.js. Try a Vue tutorial with VS Code.


A simple CLI for scaffolding Vue.js projects.

Prerequisites: Node.js (>=6.x, 8.x preferred), npm version 3+ and Git.