Vue Cli Service Install

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The following instruction will walk how to install Vue CLI, launch Vue CLI UI and create a project with custom dependencies.

To install Vue CLI, enter the following command into the terminal window:. Once the installation is complete, you can check the installation with the following command:.

The Vue CLI GUI is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for creating and managing Vue CLI projects and runs completely in the browser.

To launch the Vue CLI GUI enter the following command into the terminal window:. The terminal window that launches Vue CLI GUI must remain open while in use.

Once the Vue CLI GUI, your browser should automatically open to page like this:.

From the Vue Project Manager of Vue CLI GUI, click on the Create in the navbar.

From here you see the current file directory of your computer, navigation to the directory you wish to create a new project and then click on the Create a new project here button.


Then click Next. The next step will be selecting a preset that set which plugins and configuration will be needed for the project. For this course, we are going to select Manual, which will allow us to select our own plugins and configuration.

Then click Next.

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