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VersionDownloads (Last 7 Days)Published. Modified5 months ago. I want to create a project on Vue Project Manager. When I try, I see that error message;.

"vue create is a Vue CLI 3 only command and you are using Vue CLI 2.9.6." This is my vue --version output: @vue/cli 4.0.5. How can I fix this? My system configuration is as follow:.

Using the Vue.version

Ubuntu 18.04 Npm 6.13.0 Node 10.16.3. Ramazan ErikliRamazan Erikli. First remove the existing package from globally Make sure you have administrator priviledge.

I believe this will work and install latest version.

Reference -

Once you done Verify.


33 gold badges2222 silver badges5050 bronze badges. 5050 bronze badges. Uninstall it first with .

Then install it again with . The package name changed from vue-cli to @vue/cli that is why you need to uninstall it first and install it again.

Amitha MaheshAmitha Mahesh. It worked on my work approach, uninstall the vue and reinstall using the steps in the documentation.


enter link description here. 1 - remove vue: sudo npm uninstall -g vue-cli2 - install using: sudo npm install -g @vue/clisudo npm uninstall -g vue-cli.

Minify with esbuild or swc

Raphael SouzaRaphael Souza. I found that in my case, I have had @vue/cli installed using npm install -g and also yarn add global. for that reason even when I did yarn global remove @vue/cli, I still would get result from vue --version resulted in: -old-version-number-.

I had to to also uninstall it with:. Branislav PopadičBranislav Popadič. It seems you have more than one versions of vue.

Delete the @vue folder from this directory. After that run this command.

This will solve the Problem. Muhammad AbbasMuhammad Abbas. You could install 'vue' somewhere by yarn, which put this 'vue' in your path ahead of /usr/local/bin.

so do this first:.

if this output is not the one you just reinstalled, just remove it.