Vue Composition Api Created

Posted on  by admin
Vue.js is an easy to use web app framework that we can use to develop interactive front end apps.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Vue Composition API plugin for Vue 2.x to create our components in ways that are closer to the Vue 3.x way.

The Vue Composition API lets us move reusable code into composition functions, which any component can use with the setup component option.

With it, we don’t have to worry about name clashes between mixin members and component members because all the members are encapsulated in their own function and we can import them with new names.

Also, we don’t have to recreate component instances to reuse logic from different components. The Composition API is built with large projects in mind, where there’re lots of reusable code. In addition to the benefits that are listed above, we also have better type inference.

It’s also more readable because we can trace all the code back to their composition function where the code is declared in the setup method.


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