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Modified10 months ago. I'm learning Vue.js, and I have trouble finding anything related to this topic.

I fetch the data from the API, which shows in console.log correctly, but I can't seem to return it to the template view.

I am not trying to send this data to another component; I want to display it.

How do you make this happen? In React, I would map the result and return the HTML. How do you do this in Vue.js? Also, I am doing this in Laravel 8.

7777 bronze badges. To access a data property on a Vue component, you must use the this accessor:. What is data here? this data hasn't been declared anywhere, you need to set it to a default value, maybe a null like this,.

then try setting it in the method like this. and then you can access it in the template like the way you have done already. Also, it is advised to use Vue's $set method to keep the reactivity flow - so you can use.

to set the data. change creataed() to mounted().

  • in your getQuestions() in place of your return(data = response.results);I think you can also kill the.then(response => response.json()).
  • in your vue template you can do.
  • The idea is you set data to null, when the component is mounted you "fetch" data and save it to the data property.Vue sees that the data is no longer null and shows you data.somefield.
  • 大家知道用组件化来写vue项目,每个.vue都是一个个组件。那什么是vue中的组件? 官网写的很易懂——组件就是一个可复用的vue的实例。 这也就意味着如果你的data是一个普通的对象,那么所有复用这个实例的组件都将引用同一份数据,这就造成了数据污染! 这个时候如果我们将data封装成一个函数,我们在实例化组件的时候只是调用了这个函数生成的数据副本,这就避免了数据污染。.
  • 2.Object.assign(ES6语法),添加多个属性和值. 为什么在大型项目中data需要使用return返回数据呢?答:不使用return包裹的数据会在项目的全局可见,会造成变量污染;使用return包裹后数据中变量只在当前组件中生效,不会影响其他组件。 1 1、在简单的vue实例中看到的Vue实例中data属性,如下所示:.

let app= newVue({. el:"#app", data:{ msg:'' }, methods:{ } }).

  • 2、在使用组件化的项目中,如下所示: export default{ data(){ return { showLogin:true, // def_act: '/A_VUE', msg: 'hello vue', user:'', homeContent: false, } }, methods:{ } }.
  • 为什么vue中的data用return返回 1、为什么在项目中data需要使用return返回数据呢?.
  • 当一个组件被定义, data 必须声明为返回一个初始数据对象的函数,因为组件可能被用来创建多个实例。如果 data 仍然是一个纯粹的对象,则所有的实例将共享引用同一个数据对象!通过提供 data 函数,每次创建一个新实例后,我们能够调用 data 函数,从而返回初始数据的一个全新副本数据对象。.

The Node.js provides a Vue.js data() method to the user. Basically in vue.js data() we defined collection of logic and stored in component using vue.js we can access data Node.jsassociated with a vue instance.

Introduction to Vue.js data()

Components are reusable as many times as per requirement. But each time it uses a separate component and also creates a new instance.

When we use a data function at that time each instance maintains a separate copy of the return data object. Most of vue.js uses API to fetch and post data. It is safe because it does not affect the changes outside the scope. Explanation: The above syntax component is reusable with instance name and notice that when we use data does not provide objects directly.

Instead a component data option is function so each instance is maintaining a separate copy of return data by using the following syntax.

We must install Node.js 10.x and above on your system and you can verify by using node –v command in your terminal.

We must install the latest version of Vue on your system.


We must install the Vue CLI 3.0 version on your system. We required basic knowledge about Node.js. We required basic knowledge about Vue.js and components.

Let’s see how we can implement Vue.js data() with different examples as follows. Basic example of data method. Node JS Training Program (3 Courses, 7 Projects)3 Online Courses | 7 Hands-on Projects | 25+ Hours | Verifiable Certificate of Completion | Lifetime Access 4.5 (8,328 ratings).

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In this example, we only made changes in the App.vue file in which we added a data method to access the title.

Illustrate the end result of the above declaration by using the use of the following snapshot.

For Data with Method. Explanation: In the above example first we created a data function that returns an object. Every property of vue is added to the vue reactivity system so that if we make some changes in the program that is updated.

Examples of Vue.js data()

So that we add title property in our template by using {{}} double curly braces.

Vue js must require {{}} double curly to pass javaScript Expression. In the second part of the program we have created a method and the method also has an object.

How data() Works in Vue.js?

Here we create a Msgmethod which returns a string. Inside the method, we access data object property by using this and finally we added in the template tag.

Illustrate the end result of the above declaration by using the use of the following snapshot.