Vue Element Upload

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File and image uploads are a must-have feature for many non-trivial apps.

Lucky for us, it’s easy to setup in Vue apps with vue-picture-input. Check this post of ours if you’re looking to create your own custom file selector input. Install vue-picture-input via npm or Yarn:.

The vue-picture-input library allows for a variety of usages, and is very simple to use:.

Here are a few props that we’re going to make use of:.

Alfie McNarutoadAlfie McNarutoad

removable: Specifies whether the component can be reset or not. Additionally, the component emits the following events:. removed: emitted when picture is detached from component. changed: emitted when the selected picture is changed (ie. Here’s what our code looks like for the file input:.

Let’s add a button that will allow us to upload the selected image to our backend.


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