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  • Attention, the link to the project is vue.tufts.eduThere is a newer version to download (3.3)The mindmapping tool is particularly outstanding. It is much more flexible than most of the paid tools out there. It allows different styles of map, visualizing both brainrain (first ideas and possible associations) and brainscape (the complex interrelation of concepts, also of parallel ones)Some mind mapping tools are for certain styles, for example I use Freeplane for fast ordering of thoughts, and to structure the secuence of a paper. I use VUE for building visualizations both for classes (simplified visual interactions of different style, no only hierarchical) and as a help to order own thoughts and complex concepts in their diverse kind of relationship (classifications, interwoven ideas, etc).
  • excellent, i use it to make memos; really easy to use even with a lot of tools
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