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In this tutorial, we are going to learn about how to force update the vue component to re-render or reload with an updated UI.

Vue components automatically re-render when a component state or props is changed.

Better way: You can use forceUpdate

like a simple state change may re-render the component with a new UI (User interface).

In some cases, the vue reactivity system doesn’t enough to detect the dom changes, so that we need to force update the vue components to re-render.

Vue offers us a built-in method called forceUpdate(), by using this method inside vue instance we can force update the component.

Let’s see an example:. In the above example, we have attached an update method to the button element. Inside the update method we have added a this.$forceUpdate() method, so that when we click on a button, it will re-render the component with a new random number.

Horrible way: reload the entire page

The mount method is used to manually connect the vue instance to the dom, which will trigger the component to re-render.

Here is an example:. Modified1 year, 9 months ago. I want to reload a webpage just once everytime after pressing a button on the webpage.

I have written my code in Vue.js. How do I achieve this?

Note: I do not want to auto-refresh after specific interval of time.



Instead just once after everytime that button on the webpage is clicked. I would appreciate any help given.Thank you. 11 gold badge44 silver badges1717 bronze badges.

1717 bronze badges. Modified3 months ago. Here is my component's computed property:.

I need to call the filtering function inside computed again.To activate the Favorite button. Murat SağlıkMurat Sağlık. There is no need to force a computed value to update.

A computed property will always be recomputed automatically if a needed value is changed.

The best way: key-changing

So, in your case, you will need to change singlePlaces and filteredPlaces will automatically be updated. There is a thing to note about Array and Object reactivity as seen in the doc (

The forceUpdate method

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