Vue In Visual Studio

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Hello and welcome to this tutorial on Vue.JS with Visual Studio Code. In this series of tutorials, we will see how we can work with Vue.JS with VS Code and learn more about Vue.JS.

Note: Live demo video down below. Its a front end JS library like Angular or React. It is getting very popular lately with a huge amount of support and plugins that can be used along with it. Like Angular or React, it has component model system, routing, state management and many other features you want to find in a UI framework.

But, it’s main advantage it does not come shipped with all the libraries in the framework instead you select what you need to use. For instance if you need state management you will need to install the vuex package. Same for routing. so this actually make it smaller in size.

Okay for sure you want to make sure that you are using a high speed UI framework and does not have problems in performance. Here are some comparison between Vue.JS performance vs other libraries from the official guide. Let’s Get Started! Now, make sure that you have VS Code up and running. Go to VS Code and select which folder will hold your Vue.JS folder.

After that you will notice your folder selected on the side. Now, let’s ope the integrated terminal so we can call the npm to get Vue.JS.