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Update the entry point JS file

Tidy up the MVC views

  • vue-english-battleship-game Public

    [WIP] Vue-based implementation of the Battleship game with English verbs

    These notes come with much appreciation from Packt's ASP.NET Core 2 and Vue.js, adapted for my use.
  • vue-starter Public

    based on original project by @doabit, which is in turn based on vue-hackernews2

    .NET Core currently (2.2) only ships with a React and Angular project template.There is a Vue one but it uses Typescript and for some unknown reason doesn't compile when you perform a "dotnet run".
  • vue-universal-admin Public

    [Work in Progress] An universal (both in the sense of isomorphical architecture and in the sense of backend agnosticism) admin frontend application, built with Vue.js

    Remove some NPM packages (Typescript, BootStrap, jQuery (!)) from package.json so it looks like this:.
  • freelancer-homepage Public

    A typical freelancer's site with services description, portfolio, bio, contacts and order form.

    Change webpack.config.js to remove Typescript stuff, so it looks like this:. Remove bootstrap and jQuery from the vendor: [ section.
  • vue-examples-step-by-step Public

    Minimalistic yet fully-featured Vuex example

    Delete everything inside /ClientApp except components/App.vue. Change App.vue to something like this:.